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This page is lovingly dedicated to Gwen Hamlin, good friend and board member of Bible Light, who inspired its creation.

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"Death in Pot"
"Mixing" Faith and Politics
3rd Temple Mysteries
A Baptist Christian's Visit to Israel
A Call to Intercessory Prayer Mountain
A Call to Light
A Desert Jewel's Setting
A Giant Scholar Among Men
A Holocaust Survivor in Search of God
A Mideast Key
A Prince for Israel
A Rabbi's View
A View from Hebron
A Voice from Hebron
A Word from Ephraim!
About the Bible
AIPAC Reverts to a Harder Line
Almighty's Awesome Acts
Almond Orchard Grows at Ma'ale Michmas
Appeasement of Terror is Not the Answer in the Mideast
Are Messiah's Footprints in Sands of our Time?
Baruch HaBayim - Welcome!
Ben-Gurion's Faith in Torah (Bible)
Bible Health Helps - From Soft Drinks to Soft Bodies
Bible Health Helps for the Heart
Bible Light Bible Land Tours
Bible Power in Nations and Men
Biblical Tamar Park
Biblical Tamar Park
Building Negev's Gate in 2008
Can a Red-Dead Canal Save the Dead Sea?
Can Two Walk Together?
Chanukah - "The Festival of Lights or Dedication"
Christ Charges the Church with the Responsibility for the Corruption and Chaos in the World Today!
Christianity's Sins and Dilemmas
Collage Discussion
Coming Israel-Arab Crisis
Conference Report
Cover Explanation - Plus!
Date Palms Progress Report
DDD by Ephraim Frank
Divine Objective
Do You Know the Purpose of Your Trip?
Don't Give Up 1967 Lands
Don't Judge the Book by the Movie
Draw Near
Ecumenical Declaration On Jews
Editor's "Wrap Up" - Impossible!
Editor's Report - Ma'ale Michmas
Editor's Report - Ma'ale Michmas: Bible Light Helps in Restoration
Editorial - "The Day of the Lord"
Editorial - About This Issue
Editorial - Bible Light Home News
Editorial - Border? What Border?!
Editorial - Coming Together Again in Our Day?
Editorial - Days of Awe
Editorial - Deep Waters
Editorial - Hearers - Plus
Editorial - Israel & USA Today
Editorial - Kingdom Change
Editorial - Restoration
Editorial - Rock of Ages
Editorial - Shaken Together
Editorial - The Election of 'Peace Officers'?
Editorial - The Enemy is...Who? Me?
Editorial - The Restless Dove of Peace
Editorial - The Sanctity of Life
Editorial - What's It Cracked Up to Be?
Editorial - Who Knows the Way?
Editors Introduction
Elmer Josephson on the subject of The Two Houses
Enlightening Bolts
Ephraim - Notzrim and Jews
Ephraim - Super Power?
Ephraim Express
Ephraim Study Tour
Ezekiel 37:15-28
Faith and/or Belief. What's the Difference?
Falling Walls
Family Ties
Final Returns
Finally, Israel Votes for Temple Mount
Focus on Israel
From My Heart to Yours
From Night to Day
God Is The Light Of The World
God's Covenant Land: They Just Don't Get It!
Good News About Israel
Good News from Israel
GOOD News Items About Israel
Great Israeli Settlement Myth
Heart of the Matter!
Help Build Up Zion
Help Ephraim
Help Ephraim
Help Ephraim
Helps - Against!
Historical Chronology of the Temple Mount
Home-Run King & Prince of the Prophets
Honoring the Land and the Landmarks of God
How to Get Back
Impeached! Why?
Impressions of Israel
Is America Dying?
Israel and the US –- A God-ordained Alliance?
Israel Tour Itinerary 2009-02
Israel's Water Supply
Israel, God's Key to World Redemption
Israeli Survivor Flower
Israel’s New God?
Jerusalem and the World Trade Center
Jerusalem Demonstration
Jerusalem Prayer Mandate
Jerusalem's Temple Mount
Jews and Christians After Passion
Judah You Are Not Alone Conference
Judah, You Are Not Alone
Judgment Brings Blessing
Judgment of Highest Decree
Katrina Controversy
Keys to Israel in Prophecy Today
Laodicea and Ephraim
Letter from the Editor - Aug 2003
Letter from the Editor - Aug 2007
Letter from the Editor - Dec 2008
Letter from the Editor - Fall 2004
Letter from the Editor - Fall 2005
Letter from the Editor - Feb 2008
Letter from the Editor - February 2004
Letter from the Editor - July 2008
Letter from the Editor - Jun 2009
Letter from the Editor - May 2004
Letter from the Editor - Oct 2006
Letter from the Editor - Spring 2005
Letter from the Editor - Summer 2004
Letter from the Editor - Summer 2006
Letter from the Editor - Winter 2006
Life from the Dead
Lifting the Shades
Light The Way
Lost and Found?
Lost Tribes Conference
Make No Mistake About It
Michmash and Almonds in the Bible
Millennium Fever on the Rise
Miraculous Escapes from Nazis' Control
Moslem Destruction of Temple Mount Continues
Mountains of Genuine Love
Mountains of Peace
Mountains of Power
Nations on Trial
NEW, in an OLD CITY!
News Items of Interest
No Greater Thing Than This: "Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem"
Oil Game
One Way to "Restore"
Only in Jerusalem
Open Letter to US President
Other Ways to Bless Israel
Our Adopted Settlement
Our Adopted Settlement
Peace Noose
Petition: Christian Declaration Regarding Holy Sites
Planting Date Palms in the Desert
Planting Palms at Tamar
Power! Power! Power!
Praying Believers Perform Results
President Bush's Procamation on The National Day of Prayer
Project Shofar
Prophecy and Prayer Power Will Transform the Middle East and the World
Pushed Into a Corner!
Questions and Answers
Quick Trip
Rain & Reign
Restoration Reverberations
Returning Light
Section II
Securing Israel
Seeds and Signs
Seeing Anti-Semitism in 3D
Sharon 27 Years Ago
Sin of Christian Ignorance
Sing A New Song, All the Earth
Single Column BLON
SOMETHING Had to be Done!
Something New
Special Moving Notice
Survivor's God
Temple Mount Preservation Act of 2001
Temple Mount: Showdown or Solution
Temple Timetable
Terror in the Land of the Living
The Alabaster Box
The All-Seeing Eye
The Almond Orchard
The Biblical Importance of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount
The College Project "Achla"
The Elijah Connection
The Eschatological Significance of Israel
The Gambit
The Geography of the Holy Land and its Effect upon Israel's Religion and Politics
The Gift of Eyes
The Glory Formula
The Greatest of Commandments
The Ineffable Name
The Key to Restoration
The Kingdom of Heaven
The Land, The Problems & What to Do?
The Law of the Land
The Menorah - The Candlestick in the Holy Place
The Messianic Temple
The Miracle of Lights
The Need of Judah for Ephraim
The New Frontier: "Go South, Young Man"
The Phantom State
The Pinnacle of Paul's Roman Temple
The Supreme Light of the Word of God
The Underlying Cause of the Arab-Israel Conflict
The Waters of the Sanctuary
The Why of This Publication
Their Way in the World
Then and Now
Three Words Will Change the World
Time for Biblical Leadership
To Care and To Share
To Shed More Light - An Interview With Chris Josephson
Trees Bring Life to Dead Soil
Triumphal Arch
Trouble Ahead!
Two Forces Converging on the Middle East
Two Olive Trees and a Candlestick
Underwater Light
Upside-Down Concepts
Visit Israel with Dr. DeWayne Coxon
Voice from Hebron
Wall Street and Israel
Watchmen Song
Water Flowing: A Sign of Redemption
Water, Water - Hardly Anwhere!
Waters of Blessing
Welcome to Clear Lake
What About Israel Bonds?
What About Ma'aleh Michmash?
What is Zionism?
What's In a Name? Sharon
What's It All About?
Where Are the Maccabees Today?
Who are the real Lunatics?
Who's Disappearing?
Who’s Right Concerning Israel’s Borders? Al Qaeda? The U.S.? U.N.? Oslo? Or None of the Above?
Why Does the Land of Milk and Honey Flow with Blood and Tears?
Why Jews Reject Jesus
Will the Wall Come Down?
With Dola
Worldwide Chanukah Light
Wrestling With Principalities
Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement
You Are Not Alone!
Zionism is for Everybody
Zionism? What's That?