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A View from Hebron

by Gary Cooperberg

[Editor: Gary Cooperberg lives in Hebron. As an orthodox Jew that reverences the Name, he leaves out a letter of it lest the paper be discarded in the trash. This article is excerpts from 2 of his faxes.]

Israel is in grave danger today. Yet that danger is not from Saddam Hussein, nor from the PLO seekers of our destruction. The danger lies entirely with our own warped misconception of our very reason for being. When will the Jewish people wake up and realize that we are not a Middle Eastern version of the United States?

The Jewish State has a singular purpose. It came into being miraculously in fulfillment of Biblical prophesy. It’s Divine purpose is to bring blessing to all the nations of the world. One of the key obligations upon us is to return to, rebuild and possess all the Land of Israel. To deny that obligation by offering to give away parts of our Divine inheritance to others is to delay blessing to ourselves and to the rest of the world. Peace will only result from our adherence to Divine principles. It most certainly will not result from our violating them.

Every day that the PLO demands more and more concessions from us and does not get a firm and clear negative response, is a further desecration of the Name of the Living G-d of Israel. So, too, is every day that we fail to undo the tragic errors of giving anything to the PLO. Not only has peace not resulted from our cowardice, but we have enabled our enemies to inflict far greater pain upon us than they would ever have been able to do otherwise.

Gary Cooperberg sounding the shofar at the Cave of Machpela in Hebron, as he has been doing on Rosh HaShanna (Jewish New Year) for the past decade. It is at this cave, where Abraham prayed and where the Biblical Patriarchs and Matriarchs are interred, that he prays every morning at dawn.

No. It is not gas masks and Patriot missiles that will protect us against our enemies. It will only be the Jew who clings steadfastly to his Torah, with both feet planted firmly upon the soil of Eretz Yisrael that will bring Divine protection against any man-made weapon.

As we approach our fiftieth birthday, let us remember the dream of 2,000 years. Let us not spurn the dream that for generations our fathers and mothers died to preserve. That dream was not to become a host country to the PLO, nor to become the flunky of the United States of America. It was to return to and rebuild our ancient homeland and to establish Jewish sovereignty here with pride in our heritage and resolve to serve the Living G-d of Israel. Anything less is to spit in the face of Jewish destiny which has already begun to unfold before our very eyes.

Recently we heard arguments about two maps. [Both are] retreat from our homeland. Where was the protest that no such map is acceptable? The very fact that any maps were drawn up is evidence that we accept the concept of defeat even before the fight has begun!!!

Clinton wants us to give away more than 10% of our homeland. Arafat claims that he only wants 90% of Judea and Samaria. And Netanyahu is considered a hero by sticking to a mere 6% to 8%!!! What happened to the "Not one inch" philosophy? If Arafat has failed to uphold his written agreements which were the conditions for our withdrawal from Hebron, then why have we not repossessed Hebron? Where is the logic of talking about further withdrawals when the last one had no validity? Netanyahu [has] every legal right to undo Oslo and take back all that was given away under agreements which were never honored. Is this so hard to understand that no one could think of it? Of course not . . . .

The nagging question which everyone seems too terrified to even ask is, "Why do we find it necessary to accept defeat?"

The answer is simple. Our leaders, both rabbinic and lay, are afraid that we cannot exercise our sovereign rights to our homeland without answering to the United States, which is viewed as our patron without whom we would surely perish. Such thinking is evidence of lack of faith in G-d.

Our Prime Minister is an adept politician. He has been walking on a delicate and thin tightrope ever since he was elected. Time and time again experts have predicted his fall, and every time he succeeded in regaining his balance. While his talents are to be respected, his policy must be challenged. No matter how good his intentions may be, the precedents he has already set have caused grievous harm to our country. The very fact that an alleged "right wing" government could accept the legitimacy of the likes of an Arafat, and agree to cede parts of our homeland to him has dealt a death blow to our credibility as a self respecting nation. It is clear to any outside observer that there are no limits to the concessions this country is prepared to make for a bogus peace.

Architectural rendering of the upcoming Project Shofar International Communications Center in Kiryat Arba, Hebron.

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