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Pushed into a corner!

After the ’48 war of Independence, Truman pressured Israel to give up the northern Sinai and Gaza Strip to Egypt. After the ’56 war, Eisenhower pressured Israel to surrender the entire Sinai to Egypt. After the 1967 miraculous 6-Day war, Nixon’s team concocted the infamous Rogers Plan ("Jewish settlements are greatest obstacle to peace") calling for Israeli surrender of all territories won in fending off Arab invasion. After the 1973 war, Kissinger forced Israel to surrender chunks of the Golan and Sinai, and in ’75, he pressured Israel to give up even more of the Sinai. In 1978, at Camp David, Carter pressured Israel to withdraw from the rest of the Sinai. In 1982, the Reagan administration pressured Israel to permit the escape of PLO forces from Lebanon. Now the pressure is on Netanyahu’s government, even causing the warrior Sharon to draw a compromise map.....!!! And Arafat is claiming that even the "Western Wall" at the Temple Mount does not belong to Israel, and the PLO map eliminates Israel altogether! Read Matthew 25:3-46 to learn what nations will be allowed to remain after He judges them according to their treatment of His "brethren". Notice the last verse (46): it is punishment everlasting to NOT be in God’s Kingdom.


– Near East Report
Ariel Sharon’s compromise map (as interpreted by the Financial Times, Dec. 6, 1997.)