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Editor’s "Wrap Up" – Impossible!

"All kings shall fall down before Him: all nations shall serve Him" (Psalm 72:11).

The subject of end-time world-wide judgment is so vast that it seems the fire jumps out of the pages of Holy Writ and consumes one’s ability to absorb it. I remember as a child singing the Negro spiritual, "No more water but fire next time. Hide thou me!" Awe, wonderment and reverence for the Almighty bore down on me then and still does. The Prophet Ezekiel twice warns that when we see judgment coming, we are responsible to sound an alarm (Ezekiel 3:18-21; 33:8-9).

Therefore the following articles:

Y Elmer Josephson’s article, Trouble Ahead, is taken from the chapter, The Great Tribulation, in his book, Israel, God’s Key to World Redemption. If he were here today, I’m sure he’d bear down on this subject even heavier - in light of current events. Once a brother who owns several radio stations told Elmer he should have been a lawyer because of the tenacious manner he probed to the core of a subject. This character trait was particularly evident when searching out a Biblical truth, such as "The Great Tribulation." Incidentally, it seems the very controversy over the "when" of events connected with "The Trib" has produced a great theological trib in itself. It has divided friends, organizations and seminaries. (But that is not the theme of this publication.)

Y John Stembridge writes on the subject of Judgment Before Blessing. He has a burden to travel to the leaders of the nations to alert them that the Scriptures will bless their nation if they obey, and their nation will be cursed if they do not. In the first Exodus God sent Moses to warn Pharaoh. Now according to the Prophet Jeremiah, this exodus will be much greater because it is from ALL the nations of the world. Will not God now commission many of His servants as ambassadors to warn today’s wicked leaders of His certain judgment? Time as we know it is running out. Let us pray for our brother that his needs may be supplied so he can fulfill his desire to go and warn leaders in world governments and industries to hear this Word from God and to cease setting their hearts against His heart (Ezk. 28:6). God will not give His glory to another. HE rules in the affairs of men and nations. These present day judgments will either change the hearts of today’s wicked leaders or will destroy them, as Pharaoh. Hear, Oh Nations. Get God’s wisdom and understanding.

Y Ed Christiansen’s article, Judgment of Highest Decree is Part II from the last Bible Light On the News and is adapted from a sermon he preached recently. It gives the balance we need on the subject of judgment. That is, to remember that the judgment which purchased our eternal life was borne by the Anointed One Himself. He alone could bear the judgment and make the atonement necessary for mankind to meet a Holy God. But again and again Christ warned that our position in the Kingdom will be threatened by disobedience to the very happiness-producing laws of that kingdom.

(See "Nations on Trial")