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‘Sing A New Song, all the Earth’ (Psalm 96:1)

By Elmer & Chris Josephson

1. This is the generation that has seen the "Fig Tree" bud;
We see the chosen nation come to claim the holy sod.
The Land has yielded secrets that have long been hidden there;
The budding tree has fruit that soon will bear.

Cho: Draw near Him, all ye nations, come before His Throne in joy.
Learn His ways and laws of peace and happiness.
His Word is everlasting and can never be destroyed;
His Kingdom is God’s Love for every man.

2. This is the day He promised to the seed of Abraham.
This is the culmination of prophetic Word to man.
He said this generation shall not die and pass away
‘Till all is done in His own righteous way.

3. The wise in heart will understand and see what God has done;
They will want to go with Him and become His loyal ones.
They’ll bring His chosen nation over every land and sea;
And help Him build the Kingdom of the free.

4. Only from the mouth of God come truths that give men life.
The Law comes forth of Zion that will cancel sin and strife.
His Spirit and His glory will make all the earth to shine.
His Son reigns to bring peace to all mankind.

5. This is the Son of God and King for whom all things were made.
The Lamb from the foundation of the earth for us was slain.
It pleases God the Father that in Him all fullness dwell;
And lift this world from depths to which it fell.

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Commemorative coin for Israel's Jubilee -- 50th Anniversary.