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A Prince for Israel

In memory of Pastor Orville Wallace who departed this life August 15, 1998, this issue of the Bible Light On the News is lovingly dedicated. Elmer and I first met Pastor and Mrs. Wallace in the home of mutual friends who are also Holocaust survivors, the Gene Lebovitz’s of Kansas City.

Pastor Wallace was a kind, gentle servant of God who early on in his ministry recognized the beginning end-time restoration of Israel and God’s church. He was steadfast in his love and understanding of Israel in her role as God’s special nation and people. This in no wise lessened his love for Arabs and other peoples. Through him I have personally met saints from abroad and just recently a Christian Arab who resides in Ramallah and from whom I learned the welfare of some of my friends there.

Pastor Wallace was instrumental in beginning several works which later went on to great heights: (1) To my knowledge, before anyone else had the Bible understanding of its importance, he was taking Christian pilgrims to Mt. Zion at the time of Sukkot - the Feast of Tabernacles - each year! Now thousands are coming under the auspices of the International Christians Embassy Jerusalem, and others. (2) It was in the office of the church where he was senior pastor (The Gospel Tabernacle of Kansas City, Kansas) that Esther Levens was given the use of equipment to begin "Voices United for Israel" which now convenes the Largest Coalition of Pro-Israel Jewish and Christian organizations in the USA.

Because he was a man of prayer, of a humble spirit who sought no glory for himself, his works continue on in the lives of many. He was the editor of the periodical "Jerusalem Digest". In the last one. he wrote, "As many of you know, the government of Israel is going through some very hard places internationally, and this is the reason for calling for much prayer. This may be the same old tune we have heard before, but we who know the depths of the Word of God can feel for the nation of Israel at this time. In truth, they are our Spiritual Companions and what we go through, spiritually, they must go through with such enemies as the blind leadership of world affairs. The condition that they are facing is not warm, sunny days, but the dark tunnel they must go through will also be the path of God’s Church. Let us all join in prayer for the nation of Israel and the Church. We are all driving in the same direction, spiritually. This is why we who have been given the right to serve Israel’s God - THE TWO MUST BE ONE."

We will be planting trees in the Bible Light Almond Orchard which was begun a year ago last March in Ma’ale Michmash. You may join in this project if you wish - at $12 a tree. (I’ll be visiting the orchard in November.) My heart is knit with his widow, Margie Wallace, as she goes through the valley I walked almost two years ago.

Chris Josephson