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Baruch HaBayim – Welcome!

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The Hebrew literally means, "Blessed be Your Coming!"

We welcome Ed and Coral Christiansen from the
Omaha Bible Light branch to our headquarters staff in
Ottawa, Kansas.

Ed was mentored by Elmer Josephson and ordained to the
ministry by the Bible Light Board several years ago.

Coral and her parents were musical evangelists whom Elmer
had known quite some time. Ed and Coral were brought together
and later married by Elmer Josephson at St. Petersburg, Florida
in 1966. They have worked in the Bible Light ministry continuously in all phases.

Ed serves as Executive Vice President of the BLI Board and
Coral is a member of the advisory committee.

For several years Ed and Coral have come to Ottawa each
month taking on the responsibility of printing and mailing our
monthly publications. The Bible Light Board heartily approves
their move.

Please pray for this dedicated couple and their needs.

Ed Christiansen has been writing a series of articles on the Feasts of the Lord. These will continue from time to time in this publication; however, plans now are to have them available soon in booklet form.