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Other Ways to Bless Israel

Almond Orchard Grove

If you wish to freely give without any monetary return, we’d like to encourage you to help us plant trees in our Bible Light Almond Orchard which we began in March 1997.

High in the mountains of Judea and Benjamin, northeast of Jerusalem, there is one of the Jewish settlements reclaimed out of nothing but rocky soil, named Ma’aley Michmash. There we began the Bible Light Almond Grove in memory of my late husband Elmer Josephson, who actually suggested the name for this settlement when we lived in Ramallah. There is great Biblical significance to that name "Michmash".

Ma’aley Michmash significantly means "Hidden Treasures of the Most High".

We are preparing a booklet on this subject for distribution and our website. This booklet will also give the Biblical reason for the choice of "almonds", which are symbolic of God’s Word.

Are YOU going through a special season in your life and need the Lord’s Word to be your comfort and strength? Spend priority time there and you’ll discover the secret: "Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these [personal needs] will be added unto you" (Matt. 6:33).

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Actual size of these beautiful tree certificates is 8x10 inches and it is printed in full color. The certificates will be sent to whom you wish. The full $12.00 goes to the Almond Grove.

Will you plant an almond tree today? Here’s how: Send $12 for each tree you wish planted "in memory of", or "in honor of" someone – or just because you want to do it for yourself. Bible Light will give you a certificate suitable for framing. Nothing is taken out for office expenses (not that they don’t exist!) but all goes as designated. We are very grateful for the computer skills of Terry Distin, who typesets and formats the Bible Light On the News, and who prepares the beautiful tree certificates.