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The Restless Dove of Peace

"He [Noah] sent forth a dove . . . but the dove found no rest for the sole of her foot." Noah waited another seven days to send the dove again. This time she "came to him in the evening and, lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf ...." (Genesis 8:8, 9).

After 2,000 years of death and defamation among the nations, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob declared, "Enough already!" and proclaimed themselves a sovereign state in the Promised Land for the first time in 2500 years. Bible believing Christians world-wide rejoiced with Israel and then most went back to their own interests and did nothing more.

Generally, Christians saw this Bible prophecy fulfillment only in the light of "the rapture" of the church being imminent. Usually the sermons had to do only with what this meant to the church – still thinking only in terms of replacement theology which says "the church has replaced Israel in the eys of God." OR IF they considered Israel in the end-time act at all, it was in a spirit of hands-off-and-let-God-do-it. Some seemed to feel that when this nation was born in a day (Isaiah 66:8), a magic wand of peace would instantly fulfill God’s will "on earth as it is in heaven".

Lost Opportunities?

The Almighty COULD bring it all about without the help of any of us. After all He created the world without any human help, didn’t He? But what is the purpose for His creating man and woman? (1) To walk and talk with them (Gen. 3:8) and (2) to commission them as stewards of His creation.

Someone has said there are 3 classes of Christians: those who believe God will do all things, so they sit back and do nothing; those who think God expects men to do everything themselves, so furiously labor in their own strength and understanding; and lastly those who WITH God do ALL things. It is this latter group who are laying in store crowns of rewards toward the Kingdom of God.

If you haven’t yet accepted the challenge, won’t you join with those who are helping in Israel’s restoration? This volume of the Bible Light On the News gives ways we can all help the dove of peace (symbolic of The Holy Spirit – John 1:32) bring "the olive branch" (Truth) to all the nations. Then will be fulfilled the passage, "neither shall they learn war anymore."

This is not an appeal for the Bible Light ministry itself, though we carry on with the help of a very small percentage of those who receive our publications. To these – our heart-felt gratitude. It seems to be a constant miracle, for there is no financial foundation, endowment nor "nest egg" to lean upon. We maintain the motto Elmer Josephson left us: "When He leads, He feeds; when He guides, He provides."