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Bible Light Bible Land Tours

"Our feet shall stand within thy gates, O Jerusalem," Psa. 122:2.

Another way you can bless Israel is to bless yourself with a tour to the Promised Land.

Though we have hosted many tours to Israel for numbers of years, we never tire of going ourselves. And now, we are in the process of setting up new itineraries, sometimes interfacing with other ministries. As you read this, we will, God willing, be on a leadership pilot tour going first to Eastern Europe visiting the Holocaust sites, then on to the State of Israel and Jordan.

Sometimes Holocaust survivors are with us, returning to the site of their unspeakable torment for the first time. For these special people, this is a traumatic time and they need the comfort and support of men and women of strong faith to be with them – not for the purpose of converting them.

When you go with us, PLEASE do not have a hidden agenda, but go for the purpose of sitting where they sat and understanding the cry of these descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob when they call out in agony, "NEVER AGAIN!"

It is expected that this pilot tour will blaze the trail for many later tours. Start planning now to join the one next spring. However, if you wish to visit only Israel, this will also be possible in Bible Light tours.

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White doves make their home in the crevices of the Western Wall (retaining wall) of the Temple Mount where prayer is made continuously.