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Ben-Gurion’s Faith in Torah (Bible)

by David Horowitz,
Correspondent to the UN for the Jewish Press

This World Organization, via the Security Council is a barometer of current global events – and the register is not encouraging: Asia is in turmoil, Africa is sick, Latin America is struggling, Europe is reforming and the Middle East is facing an indecisive election in Israel with Netanyahu being challenged by a host of contenders, including Barak of Labor.

Because Barak appears to be Netanyahu’s strongest opponent, this write would suggest that Netanyahu use the founder of the Israeli Labor Party, David Ben-Gurion, as his main weapon to defeat Barak. How? one may ask.

Ben Gurion, while outwardly a non-religious person, innately was a strong believer in Hashem [Hebrew for "The Name"]. He was a faithful son of the Jewish faith and he let the world know how he felt.

In a letter sent to United Israel World Union, an American organization composed of both Jews and many pro-Jewish Christians, adherents to the Mosaic Law, as well as converts to Judaism – a global movement founded 55 years ago – he revealed himself as a firm believer in the Torah-Faith! ...

Ben-Gurion concludes his letter – dated 29 August 1951 – with this significant statement:

"Let us all remember that man was shaped in the image of G-d. May it be granted to us to strengthen the sense of human love and brotherhood among all the nations of the world."

This writer wishes to note that he had met Ben-Gurion in an earlier visit to Israel, inspiring him to write this letter published as an editorial in the current issue of the United Israel Bulletin. -

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One of David Ben Gurion's letters to Elmer Josephson.

Editor’s Note: A friend by correspondence many years, David Horowitz, the United Israel Bulletin, 231 E 767th, New York, NY 10021.