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Securing Israel

By Yehudit Tayar

Editor’s note: Yehudit Tayar is the spokesperson for Yesha. She took me to the mountains of Benjamin to select a site for our Bible Light Almond Orchard. She is the editor of The Yesha Report. As explained before, "Yesha" is the Hebrew acronym for Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Significantly, with other vowel markings it means "salvation" – deliverance. The following are some excerpts of her writings that are in keeping with Isaiah.

"All ye inhabitants of the world and dwellers on the earth, see ye when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye" (Isaiah 18:3).

We, the Yesha Council, know that now more than ever is the time to continue establishing facts on the ground by developing Israel’s heartland. We have witnessed the miraculous transformation of empty hills into flourishing communities with houses, playgrounds, schools, and greenery. The "flag" which we carry is now more important than ever.

During the past 50 years of statehood Israel has undergone many physical changes. Jewish communities which were located in outlying areas and faced danger, which were surrounded by barbwire and tank traps, today boast orchards and open fields. We must learn the lessons of these early pioneers. The more facts on the ground we establish, the stronger we are, and the more secure we shall be.

Each new family that moves into one of Yesha’s communities, each new house that is built, each new tree that is planted not only helps to secure a Jewish Yesha, but also to secure a Jewish Israel.

We who live in Yesha have no time for despair. Certainly there is worry and concern, but we are too busy strengthening the communities and establishing facts on the ground to lose our focus.

In a deplorable double standard, the Clinton administration that sends American troops across the globe to fight terror, expects Israel to accept terror as part of the struggle toward peace...[He asks] Israel to make a "gesture" to Arafat and implement the next stage of withdrawal because the [PLO] covenant was canceled, unbelievably ignor[ing] the fact that this change was supposed to have taken place five years ago. [The show about annulling this charter while Clinton was in Gaza – was only that!]

One wonders if Clinton would be as willing for the Congress and Senate to ignore protocol and without a majority vote, simply impeach him. Arafat continues to proclaim that on May 4, 1999 he will declare a Palestinian State. -

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Yehudit Tayar at Ma'ale Michmas. Picture taken by Chris J.