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Project Shofar

by Gary Cooperbergcooperbergmug.jpg (7377 bytes)

"Sound the Shofar in Zion and sound the alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the Land tremble: for the day of the L-rd cometh, it is nigh at hand"( Joel 2:1).

Editor’s Note: As we prepared to print, the following was received from our friend in Kiyat Arba (Hebron area), Israel; reproduced here in full with only a few format changes.

Urgent!!! Urgent!!! Urgent!!!

The results of the recent election in Israel demand immediate action on the part of those who support the Divine Process of Biblical Zionism. Although, over the past several years, the Jewish government has been drifting away from its recognition of Zionism as the very purpose for which the Jewish State was reestablished, some even referring to a "post Zionist" era, the reality of the Zionist process cannot be denied.

SECULAR ZIONISM, which was little more than just another national liberation movement, lacked a primary ingredient without which it could not endure. That ingredient is recognition that Zionism is a G-dly process which transcends logic or limits. At the outset of our return, those who came to this country as refugees from Hitler’s attempt to annihilate the Jewish people were prepared to give their very lives to establish a Jewish State. They had lost family and friends and knew that they could never again feel safe on foreign soil. When they came to the Holy Land they saw an opportunity to become a proud people in our own homeland. Having lost everything and thus having nothing to lose, they were prepared to make any sacrifice necessary to see their dreams come true or die trying.

Thus, observant or not, they exhibited a religious fervor to back their beliefs with action. It was as a result of this willingness to take any and every risk needed to accomplish their goal, that their faith was rewarded with success.

TODAY’S CITIZEN of Israel has gotten used to the fact that he has a real country. He has developed a dependency on the good life and does not feel the desperate need expressed by our founding fathers to fight to the death for our homeland. He is willing to part with parts of our homeland, and even with Zionism, in the futile hope that he can achieve peace and avoid having to fight again.

Without belief in G-d, and without genuine faith in the Divine Process of Biblical Zionism, the future of the Jewish state seems in grave doubt. "Better to make bitter concessions than to fight a war which you may not win", seems to be the prevalent ideology followed by both left and right who differ only in degree.

Where then does AN OUTSIDER look for verification that Biblical Zionism is still alive and well? If the present leadership of Israel has given up on Zionism how can it still be considered a Biblical process?

Democracy Conflicts

The answer is really not so difficult to find. Until now many did not realize, or did not want to realize, that there is a built-in conflict between Democracy and Biblical Zionism. Democracy declares that Man is the ultimate authority to determine his future. Biblical Zionism declares that there is a greater authority, the Living G-d of Israel, which will determine our future in spite of the blunders of Man.

History, if we are honest about it, has clearly proven the veracity of Biblical Zionism as opposed to Democracy. Every time that secular Zionism expressed itself in accordance with Biblical Zionism, it succeeded far beyond its expectations. Yet every time it found the need to deviate from Biblical Zionism it failed miserably.

Peace, or even the pursuit of peace, is certainly a fundamental goal of Judaism. But our Torah has given us guidelines which define how this goal is to be approached. Clearly it is a violation of Torah Law to willingly part with any Jewish Land for any reason. The concept of trading parts of our homeland for a peace agreement is foreign to authentic Judaism, and a violation of Torah Law. That we have seen governments of both left and right endorse this absurd concept only accents the fact that this country grows and thrives in spite of our leadership rather than because of it.

With the election of a leftist government, it is clear that its direction is on a collision course with Zionist principles. We who have lived through so many challenges and miracles are not worried about the outcome as we trust in G-d to fulfill all of his prophesies. But the road to redemption need not be laden with tragedy. It is the dangers of terror and Divine Anger which will accompany the redemption as a result of our refusing to work with it that we seek to avoid.

Common Faith-Ground

Over the years I have personally come into contact with many Christians, both groups and individuals, who clearly recognize the Divine aspect of Jewish return to the Land and the reestablishment of Jewish sovereignty on our ancient soil. While certainly these Christians are in the minority among those of their faith, their numbers are, by no means, small. These are people who opened their eyes and have come to realize that those who declared that the Jewish people are no longer the Chosen of G-d, and that they have been cursed and doomed to wander all over the world eternally, were simply wrong.

CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS, those who recognize that the Jewish State is clearly fulfillment of Biblical prophesy, are increasing in number and sincerely want to become involved in the Biblical process. These are people who are not satisfied to hear pronouncements of Jewish politicians. They prefer to witness for themselves the continuation of the Biblical narrative in our time. It is for this reason that they find their way to Kiryat Arba and other rebuilt Jewish towns throughout the Lands redeemed in the Six Day War of June 1967. It is here that they find Jews of faith who have dedicated themselves to settling the Land in spite of the countless obstacles, both from enemies and brothers.

It is precisely now, when Biblical destiny is being challenged by the nations of the world, and even by Jewish leadership in the Israeli government, that Jew and Gentile alike have an opportunity to demonstrate to the Creator of the Universe that we trust in Him. If everyone would recognize the Divine Process there really would be no way to demonstrate genuine faith in G-d’s Promises. But when, from all outward appearances, the Jewish State is faltering and upon the threshold of destruction, only those who really believe in G-d will be prepared to stand with the Jewish People and the Jewish State.

YASSER ARAFAT has become an international statesman. He has won sympathy for his cause among the leaders of most of the nations of the world. Oil and power seem to dictate that the future is with the Arab nations and that to side with Israel is to invite defeat.

It is precisely at a time like this that the CREATOR of the Universe is watching. Who will stand with His Chosen People? Who will oppose His Will? The fate of the nations is being determined now by the answers to those questions. The Blessing of Abraham still stands, "Those who bless you, I will bless, and he who curses you, I will curse." It is a priority obligation upon those who do see the Truth, to try with every method available to them, to save their fellow countrymen from the curse which is about to fall upon them.

Blow the Shofar

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A shofar (ram's horn) is blown at the celebration concert for "Ephraim & Judah."

Project Shofar was established in recognition of the sincere efforts being made by Christian Zionists to align themselves with genuine Biblical Zionism. It is our desire to reach back to such people and help them to bring blessing upon themselves, their families and their communities. The true way to serve the Zionist process today is to support those who are engaged in that process. In a sense, all Jews who live in the Jewish State, whether or not they actively recognize the significance of what they are doing, are participants in this process. But it is only those who do recognize that significance and actively contribute to it who affect the quality of the ongoing process of redemption.

Here, at the Nir College of Judaic Studies, our entire existence is dedicated to this process. The college itself was established by a small number of Jews who chose to return to Hebron soon after the Six Day War of June 1967. It was established by decision of the Israeli government, which had consistently been opposed to rebuilding Jewish communities in the newly redeemed parts of our homeland. They had assumed that permitting an institute of Torah study would prevent Jewish growth. They were wrong. Quite on the contrary, the establishment of such an institution virtually invited and nurtured the return of Jewish life to our holy city. It was a direct result of the building of this yeshiva, that the town of Kiryat Arba was established. Kiryat Arba was the first major Jewish community to be established on the Jewish lands liberated in 1967. To this day it serves as the symbol of Jewish return. Many of the communities established throughout Judea and Samaria, including the Jewish Community of Hebron, were built and developed by graduates of our yeshiva.

Having itself been created as an active part of the Biblical process of Zionist return, the Nir College of Judaic Studies is permeated with the spirit of living Zionism. Her graduates become leaders in the settlement movement, in education, in government and in the army. Most of the teachers in Kiryat Arba and the surrounding communities come from the ranks of our graduates. The Zionist vision that has become a part of their very being is easily transferred to their pupils which ensures the continuation of new generations of dedicated Jews. There is no better way to become involved with the Zionist process than to support this institution.

THE NIR COLLEGE OF JUDAIC STUDIES is a hesder yeshiva, all of whose students serve on front line positions in the IDF. About forty percent of our annual budget comes from government funding and most of the rest comes from private contributions. We have met our budget each year and even have succeeded in building two new dormitory buildings by pure miracles. Many times we did not know how we would meet our budgetary needs and even feared the need to close the school. But, in every case, at the last minute funds came from the most unexpected places (in one case from a small church in Florida!)

Today, with the election of a leftist government, we fear that much of our government backing will be withdrawn. This will compound an already difficult situation. We are nearly finished building our conference hall and international communications center. We have another dormitory to complete and a budget to meet. Now is a crucial time for Nir College which has always stood as the spiritual focus for Kiryat Arba and the settlement movement. Before the crunch comes it is vital that we find new sources of income to guarantee that our work will continue uninterrupted. We are looking to individuals and groups who want to make a difference and support the Zionist process to commit themselves to a small monthly donation in order to guarantee that government cutbacks will not stop our work for even a minute.

I personally am prepared to visit with groups and individuals who do want to become involved with Biblical Zionism at this crucial time. This is a unique opportunity for those who choose to invoke the Blessing of Abraham upon themselves and their loved ones. It matters not if we are in the minority. It matters not that the nations of the world seek our destruction and that friend and foe alike are opposed to the Zionist process. This is a G-dly process which no force on Earth can as much as slow down. If you are prepared to demonstrate your faith in the Divine Process of Biblical Redemption now is the time to get involved.

Project Shofar is an active corporation duly registered in the state of Florida. United States tax deferred status has been applied for and is expected to be granted within a few months. Contributions will be retroactively qualified to have tax exempt status. For further information and to arrange to have me speak before your organization, call Sandy Warmoth at our office in Florida, toll free, 888-466-3498.

With Blessings from Hebron,

Gary M. Cooperberg,

Executive Director

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Postscript by Chris Josephson: Some well-meaning advice has come to us, not to give addresses and encourage giving to another non-profit organization, that it will hurt BLI’s own free-will contributions. However, we seek to operate by the golden rule, and moreover: we believe this is the time of unity and sense the flow of God’s Spirit is to bring us together with our brother and sisters in the faith. Gary Cooperberg has informed us this is the reason for "Project Shofar" and it seems to us that his heart is as ours, therefore we give our brother our hand (II Kings 10:15).