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Bible Health Helps for the Heart

By Chris Josephson

"Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost in you? which ye have of God? and ye are not your own?"
(I Cor. 6:19 Ė KJV less italics and punctuation edited for emphasis).

A template in architecture is a short stone or timber placed under a beam to help distribute the pressure. (Hang on to that word "pressure" until later.) In computer language, a template is a guide form reserved for a specific job Ė such as a layout for a letter.

The above Scripture in harmony with others, teaches that our bodies are temples not only of our own spirit but of Godís Spirit as we allow Him to be. Therefore, the up-keep and health of the body temple we each possess is of utmost importance. For this reason the Creator has given health instructions in His manual for man, that we may take the best care of ourselves; that we may have physical strength to better love and serve Him "with all our strength" as the first commandment enjoins.

# 1 Killer

In this Bible Health Help, let us consider the Bibleís Light concerning the disease that causes headliners to scream almost daily: "(So-and-so)í dead at (age of) suddenly from a heart attack." It is estimated that half of all Americans who die this year will succumb to this killer. Many living now are heart-accidents rushing somewhere to happen.

My late husbandís book (the truths of which added 60 years to his life), Godís Key to Health and Happiness, has been a best seller from its inception. Initially refused by Zondervon Publications, it was printed 5 times from Bible Lightís struggling budget because of popular demand. Then Fleming H. Revell discovered its value and BLI granted publishing rights to them. It quickly became one of their "Power Books" Ė a sustained best seller since 1977 to this day. (Revell is now a part of Baker Book House.)

How to Have a Healthy Heart:

The following contains excerpts from Elmerís book which give Bible directions for a healthy heart:

"The curse causeless shall not come"(Proverbs 26:2). As sure as life and death is the law of cause and effect. This law is in operation in every sphere of life. Call to mind: we are responsible to God as custodians of our bodies, the temples of His Spirit. "If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are" (I Cor. 3:17). This passage is written to Christians about their bodies. The Apostle Paul is referring to the destruction of their bodies as he does in I Corinthians 5:5, "for the destruction of the flesh." This does not always or necessarily mean an arbitrary action on Godís part, but that a broken law of God actually destroys the man.

We do not break Godís Law; we break ourselves over it.

Be Well

The Dietary Law of the Bible is found in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14. In the book, Elmer writes convincingly and enthrallingly holds your interest as you read. He answers all Scriptures Ė such as Peterís vision Ė commonly used by those who do not believe the Dietary Law is for believers today. Some say the Dietary Law is antiquated "Jewish Law". (That very term reeks of anti-Semitism. Who GAVE the Law? To despise it is really anti-God.)

Consider some Scriptural passages which more than hint at heart disease:

"It shall be a perpetual statute for your generations throughout all your dwellings that ye eat neither fat nor blood" (Lev. 3:17). It is well known that fatty protein molecules travel in the blood stream, and are deposited on the inner wall of the coronary artery. The proteins and fats are burned off and the cholesterol is left behind. As it piles up, it narrows and irritates the artery, encouraging more formation of such deposits. It isnít long before the blood does not have sufficient room to flow freely through the veins and capillaries. Therefore, a high blood pressure (Thereís that word again!) condition is created which often results in a heart attack, cerebral hemorrhage, a stroke, etc. Shall we not allow Godís "Template" to relieve the pressure?

True Life Stories

While pastor of a church in Leavenworth, Kansas, Elmer visited a middle-aged couple who had both suffered strokes. The lady, much overweight, became paralyzed and blind. Their animal fat intake was at a dangerously high level. No attempt was made to correct this dietetic evil and she died. A neighbor then came in to help take care of the man who was paralyzed completely on one side. The neighbor had knowledge of the importance of right eating and the paralytic was taken completely off animal fats and given nothing but fresh vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits.

After several months the man was outdoors, hoeing and working in the garden. He made a complete recovery in a relatively short time. He had bent over backward in obeying the Scriptural injunction, "eat not the fat."

Elmer also tells in his book, Godís Key to Health and Happiness, about a man we visited in the Veteransí Hospital in Wichita, Kansas. He complained to us, "All they give me is this lean meat. Iíll be glad when I can go home and have my favorite fat meat again." But he was going home less both his legs that had to be amputated because the blood vessels were so filled with fatty globules the blood could not flow through them to carry on its life-giving processes.

While we were living in Florida, another similar case was reported in which an arm and both legs of a man had to be amputated. The wife was also sick in the hospital. He said if his wife died, upon whom he was so dependent, he would commit suicide.

It is a miracle there are not more strokes and heart attacks the way Americans overload their blood streams with fats through bacon, sausage, french fries, rich pastries, etc., not to mention ice cream, excessive butter, creams Ė and syrupy drinks. The blood, instead of having the texture of fine lubricating oil, is more like a thick honey.

Water, Water!

The heart and blood then begin to cry out in thirst for water to thin down this heavy blood and take some load off the heart.

When the blood is thick, it is like trying to pump sludge through a small water pipe: something has to give Ė and it inevitably is the pumpís motor. When we continually pour rich, heavy foods into our bodyís system, something must give. What is it? Our motor pump, the heart.

Remember our blood is soluble with water. Drink plenty of it Ė between meals. What do most American do when their system cries out for pure water to thin down their syrupy blood? They get a bottle of pop or some other sweet drink, loaded with more sugar, and pour that into their blood stream. It relieves thirst temporarily, but as soon as the sugar enters the blood stream, it thickens it more and soon they must have another drink. The blood gets rid of what it can by depositing it throughout the body in layers of fat, and so the vicious cycle continues. The more fat, the more blood vessels have to be built, the more blood manufactured to feed these extra layers, the greater load is put on an over-worked heart.

Give your body a break; drink good, fresh, clean water BETWEEN MEALS and see how much better you feel. Do not dilute stomach gastric juices by washing food down with any kind of drink.

Punishing the Pump

We often hear (usually by one who is overweight), "So-and-so can eat and eat, but never gets fat." Because fat is not found in rolls around your body, does not necessarily mean it is not collecting inside your blood vessels and capillaries. The human heart can take a lot of punishment, but it has a limit. Finally, it goes on strike Ė and the person dies.

The heart is a magnificent, precision-built, usually strong instrument that can take a lot of punishment, but it has a limit. Finally, it goes on strike and reaches the place of no return. The person dies! Then if it is a famous person, the headline appears.

Regardless how sturdy and finely engineered the best automobile engine may be, if you keep mixing sand and gravel with the motor oil, it will soon break down. The same principle is involved in our bodies. Need we more illustrations or scientific proof? Is it not sufficient to accept the Word of God on this subject?

I like the modern highway sign, "What is there about THOU SHALT NOT you donít understand?"

Read the Scriptural illustration of the heinous sins of the sons of Eli. They were "Temple Priests". (Actually, still The Tabernacle whose ceremonies and vessels were later incorporated into the Temple Solomon built.) Read the story and the resulting judgment in I Samuel 2, beginning at verse 11. Eliís fat was instrumental in his death: "Eli fell from off the seat backward . . . and brake his neck, and he was an old man and heavy" (I Samuel 4:12-22).

Letís abide by the Word of the Worldís Top Nutritional Authority: "It shall be a perpetual [never ceasing] statute that ye eat neither fat nor blood."

What needless tragedies could we save ourselves if we did not disregard Godís directives! We read them with a pitchfork in hand and cast them over our shoulder if they donít agree with our pre-conceived notions of what the Scripture teaches. Itís so easy just to go our own way and lean to our own understanding, especially when it gratifies the flesh. People often say, "Why did God make swine taste so good?" If you didnít like it, would there be any opportunity to prove your obedience to Him? Skunk, too, is unclean according to the dietary law! (Had some lately?)

Why will some, because of prejudice, try to bolster tottering pet theories and reject these unalterable truths that could bless them with health and long life? May the LORD open all our hearts to receive all of His truth for our welfare and His glory. Because He loves us, He gives us laws to live by.

Special Note:

The other day while re-arranging our storage, we discovered a box containing BLIís last printing of Godís Key to Health and Happiness. These are now "collectorís" copies. We are making these available for a $25 donation to the ministry of Bible Light. (Revellís is the identical text.)