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Temple Timetable

In this issue of the Bible Light on the News, the subject, The Temple Mount, is so vast the editing knife had to cut several times to get ready to print. Not only is its history 3,000 years rich, but also its future is timeless.

The cover design was discovered in our picture archives Ė artist unknown. Please check our web site to see its beauty in full color. It is fitting: Jerusalem certainly is Godís "Jewel of the Ages". Since jewels come from much pressure, can that be a reason why she goes through so much? And is this the timing of Him who does the forming of jewels now to bring it forth in dazzling splendor to bless the entire world?

For a bit of this centuryís history of the Temple Mount that casts light on todayís events, donít miss the center page spread (pages 12 & 13).

Ed Christiansenís article compares Jerusalemís Temple Mount to a jeweled alabaster box and he revokes some prejudicial Bible interpretation and provokes fresh approach.

Elmer Josephsonís, "The Messianic Temple", is taken from chapter 43 of his best seller, "Israel, Godís Key to World Redemption," and answers many questions still being asked about the Temple. Write us today for your copy of this virtual library. (See enclosed order blank on our publications sheet.)

John Stembridge in "Temple Mount Showdown or Solution", draws on timely events at the Temple Mount that coincide with the Bibleís predictions. While I was writing this, he called to add this word of encouragement: "This year I want to encourage everyone who reads this, to go to the closest synagogue or temple and observe the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot with our Jewish brethren. Call first about getting a ticket, for seats are at a premium during the holidays. Explain that you have no hidden agenda in your motive, but you are there to learn." Let me add that what you observe and learn will surprise and bless you!

Finally, beginning this month and continuing when possible, is a new column I sense the Lord is laying on my heart, "Bible Health Helps." This, too, is in keeping with "temples."

When you write, you encourage us. Conversely, if you do not wish to receive this publication, let us know so we can be better stewards of the Lordís supply. We expect to continue as long as "When He leads, He feeds, and when He guides, He supplies."