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Deep Waters


The cover picture of this edition of the Bible Light on the News, shows swiftly flowing waters of the Wadi Qelt during the rainy season in Israel. Lush vegetation is sustained where the water flows, but one step beyond – the desert holds sway. This wet weather ravine in the wilderness of Judea is a favorite hiking area.

But at the time of this writing there is no water cascading down this picturesque area – or anywhere else – much less any deep enough to swim. The density of the water problem in Israel is so vast, we can only tell a small percentage of the dry situation.

"The level of the Kenneret [Sea of Galilee], depending on which experts you listen to, has fallen either to a 65-year low, or to its lowest level in centuries. Red lines are being crossed. Environmentalists warn that Israel’s reservoirs and underground aquifers are being grossly over-pumped, and that the damage, as the falling water sources become increasingly saline, may be irrevocable. Farmers, rocked by a 40% reduction in their water allocation this year, fear a similar, or even graver, cut may be imposed on them next year, and warn of irrevocable damage to agriculture." (David Horovitz, The Jerusalem Report)

While Israel would like to see physical "deep waters", at the same time she is going through some very troublesome waters of "the Peace Process". True peace doesn’t make trouble, but gives refreshing "waters bringing life wherever it goes" (Ezekiel 47).

In this country, the hurricanes have dumped torrents of water and many are literally going through deep waters. In times of adversity we need – and can – rest on promises given God’s people, "When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: [and more:] when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee" (Isaiah 43:2).

There is little doubt that very tough times will bear down upon this planet’s population. As often mentioned in these pages, God would not be just if He let the world continue in the self-destructive mode she has programmed into herself. "The wages of sin is death" – anyway you look at it.

As believers, we need to sharpen our swords (knowledge of God’s Word), praying and communing with the Redeemer at all times. We need to not only fortify our own defenses but be on the offense against the rivers of sin raging about us, and be ready to be used of Him to rescue those who are going under.

Good News: I have been given a short 6-day trip to Jerusalem to see about our almond orchard and to lay some ground work for the coming tour, God willing, in March. (Plan now to join us. Contact us for more information.) This is the beginning of what should be the rainy season in Israel, so I plan to take my rain gear and believe your prayers for rain to be answered! -
Chris Josephson