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Millennium Fever on the Rise

(Excerpt from Inside Israel Newsletter, edited by George Ekeroth)

Before 1984 this man was a building contractor in California. It was then that he believes God revealed to him that he was one of the two witnesses that the Book of Revelation, Chapter 11, predicts will appear in the Last Days. This Elijah, who refused to give his real name to reporters, has been in and out of Israel many times since he found out he was Elijah.

This Elijah had not caused any problems to Jerusalem authorities up until the time he began making a series of radical statements such as "Water has suddenly started gushing out from under the Temple Mount in fulfillment of Ezekiel 47:1," and "God is going to take the mosques away" (from the Temple Mount). In August police picked up Elijah for psychiatric evaluation. The conclusion given was that "he intended to act." He had spoken of "entering the Temple Mount."

Police say he was not "officially deported." He was flown out of the country to some destination in Europe on a ticket that was paid for by "friends." One commentator stated that "Biblical characters are standard scenery for Jerusalem." A psychiatrist said that he had interviewed three Virgin Marys in Jerusalem in the same month.

With millennium fever rising, and end-time conversations and expectations reaching an epidemic level, Israeli authorities are especially sensitive to preventing a disaster from now through the end of the year 2000. It may even extend into the following year as there are many who believe that the new millennium really begins January 1, 2001. At airports, worldwide travelers are warned not to use such words as "hijack" or "bombs" even in jest. Israeli security has its own set of sensitive words that if uttered at the wrong place or the wrong time could send people home sooner than they planned.

In January, a group call "Concerned Christians" were deported after it was learned that their leader believed he was one of the two "end-time witnesses." His method to bring this about was to cause a confrontation on the Temple Mount with Israeli police in a way that would force them to shoot him. Their deportation brought cries of discrimination against Christians. Elijah’s deportation was much more low key but, nevertheless, a web site now proclaims that, "The FACT that Elijah was deported proves the persecution of Jewish believers in the Messiah in Israel."