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Bible Health Helps

From Soft Drinks to Soft Bodies

From Elmer Josephson’s book: God’s Key to Health and Happiness – available at most Christian bookstores and at Bible Light Publications’ office.

The founder of Polio Prevention, Inc. told his son that he would rather see him take a drink of whisky than a bottle of the cola drinks. This sounds strange coming from a father who never drinks hard liquor. Why such advice then? Because, he said, the boy knows whisky is wrong, from the first taste unto the final destructive results. Not so with colas.

The hidden lurking evil in them is masked with its heavy load of delimed white sugar. It is made up of phosphoric acid, sugar, caffeine, dye and flavoring matter and slowly but surely is eating away and destroying the very foundation of their health. Phosphoric acid breaks down the body lecithin, causes brain fag, neurasthenia, nerve breakdown, physical apathy, mental irregularities, anemia, polycythemia, acidosis, renal (kidney) lesions, rickets, faulty calcification, a marked shift in bone structure, unsuccessful reproduction, tetany and prevents the normal increase in size of growing children … This strange insidious chemical combination decalcifies the entire body…

Since ‘an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure,’ it would follow that it is wiser to build strong, healthy bodies fortified against disease than to inoculate weak, sickly bodies with various vaccines.

You ask, "What can we drink?" Wonderful, refreshing, cleansing, healthful water, with such an enduring satisfaction that really quenches the thirst.

Discipline yourself to drinking water between meals instead of thinking you must have a drink of ‘pop’. Why pour a load of sugar into your blood stream each time you are thirsty, thickening the blood which can trigger off any numbers of evils?

Of course there are times for other drinks such as one of God’s own mixtures of body-building food drink – milk. Think of the many fruit juices – orange, lemon, lime, grape, grapefruit, apple, apricot, prune, etc. Get them fresh if possible. Citric canned juices are not best for you.