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Voice from Hebron

By Gary Cooperberg

The phenomenon of Christians becoming increasingly interested in examining the Biblical process of Zionists redemption, aside from raising eyebrows, is actually an indication of the furtherance of that process. Indeed, such expressions of support for the Zionist process on the part of Gentiles is fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

Having recently returned from a speaking tour in the states, during which I came into contact with several such groups, I am more convinced than ever that the Redemption is moving ever more swiftly to its climax. While there have been examples of Christians supporting the concept of Jewish return to the Land of Israel at least one hundred years ago, today the number of such Gentiles is rapidly increasing. Clearly, by observing the reality of the reborn Jewish State and the ingathering of the exiles thereto, any Bible scholar can recognize genuine fulfillment of Biblical prophey.

On Wednesday evening two men from a Christian group, Andy and Lee, approached me and asked if it would be possible for them to accompany me to the Cave of Machpelah the following morning. They know that I pray there every morning just before dawn. It was a most unusual request, and, I could tell that is was made in reverent sincerity. They were ready when I arrived at 5:20 in the morning and both donned Kipot in respect. When we got into the building and joined the minyan, the two men sat quietly in silent meditation. Toward the end of prayers a few of the locals became aware of the fact that non-Jews had joined our minyan. One fellow even came over to me suggesting that this was not proper. Just at this point I noted a sentence in my prayer book. “And all the goyim that He made came to pray to Him and give honor to His Name”. I showed it to my friend and he was taken aback. His best response was to suggest that this sentence was referring to time of redemption. I smiled at him and suggested that perhaps that is why this is happening now.

Of course all of these things are open to debate, but no one can deny that unusual things are happening and that the Jewish State is central to it all. That alone is amazing phenomenon. In this age of Jet planes and internet why should anyone care about or even notice the tiny State of Israel? What do we have that makes us so important as to be constantly on the front pages of all the newspapers in the world? Why is every major world power so concerned about “peace” in our little corner of the world when there are conflagrations in so many other places? Clearly this is all beyond logic and nature. It is all further verification of the Divine nature of the resurrection of Israel in her ancient homeland and the ongoing process of Zionist redemption.

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