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About this Issue

In a recent weekend conference at BLI headquarters, there were interesting teaching and discussion on the subject of “The Lost Tribes of Israel”. In this issue we are sharing only a fraction of the messages captured on two video tapes, containing six hours each!  To accommodate these, we have changed the publication format, making it more of a booklet form. But there is much more which will have to be shared in another printing. We’ve tried to retain the style of the speakers so you can perhaps feel as though you are sitting there with us. It was a most interesting time, and perhaps there will be other  conferences here. Let us know if you are interested.

It began with a lovely Shabbat (Sabbath) meal prepared by Coral and Ed Christiansen. Delegates from five states became acquainted with each other by telling how their interest in Israel began. Some of the remarks of that evening are the introductions of the articles.

Two men from Miami, Florida were the main teachers: Ben Cohen, a prominent Jewish businessman and John Stembridge, a Christian businessman. Ben is the great grandson of the chief rabbi of Iran, who brought his family to Israel in the 1800’s. Ben’s heartbeat is for his people to be regathered, redeemed and reunified into one nation. He has great understanding, also, of the position of believers from among the nations.  John Stembridge’s writings are not new to the Bible Light on the News readers. He has a lovely furniture store in North Miami and is active in civic affairs that at one time led to being mayor of the city. However, his central interest is like that of Ben’s. He has been instrumental in reaching governmental leaders in several countries with the message of restoration of Israel and ultimately of the whole world. He challenges them with the Scriptural responsibility of involving their nations in this restoration.

In the letter accompanying the last issue of this publication, we requested prayer for these two men to be free of any business entanglements so they can fulfill their choice calling. Do put them on your prayer list and try to pray daily for them.

IN THE LAST BLON, we featured our “adopted settlement” in the mountains of Ephraim. Ma’ale Michmas is where we have established an almond orchard and also are endeavoring to help them purchase an ambulance. Thanks to those of you who have responded. However, the need is still very great. Please pray about this and do as the Lord prompts your heart and supplies your pocketbook!  The settlers are giving their ALL in possessing the mountains.