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To Care and To Share

by John Stembridge

Introductory remarks:
”Blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord.”

I came in the Name of the Lord and I’m very blessed to be here tonight. I was very touched with Ruth Moore’s song, “Comfort ye”, and I’m blessed by all of you that shared with us why you are interested in Israel. I’m looking forward to a beautiful weekend, and let’s thank Chris for having the vision to put us together this weekend. I can feel the love here and to me Israel is a love relationship.

I’m the youngest of nine children, the 8th son of my father whose Hebrew name would be Yacov. I’m Yochanan Ben-Yacov Gezagesher. My first name “John” is Yochanan in Hebrew, and my family name is Gezagesher. “Bridge” in Hebrew is Gesher, and “Stem” is one time in the Tenach – the Bible. In Isaiah 11:1 it says, “The stem of Jesse shall become a branch.”  Out of branches you build bridges. This Scripture speaks of the Meshiach who is the bridge from earth to heaven. When God gave me the revelation that my own name meant in essence to build a bridge, it about ‘blew my mind.’

The first time I remember as a child ebrew namemy parents taking me to Sunday School, the lesson was on the Exodus from Egypt, Moses and the Hebrew children. I never forgot it and  I’ve just had a natural affinity with Israel ever since. I’m an avid student of the Bible and you cannot read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation through both covenants without seeing Israel is there all the way.

There’s a great phenomenon taking place all over the world right now. It is a sovereign, supernatural move and revelation by God. Many who were not reared as Jews are beginning to wake up and discover that they are a seed of Abraham.

But how are you going to devise a computer that will be able to track Abraham’s seed? Is it possible? Has it been invented? Will it be invented?

The first time I met Ben, we were at an international conference at the Fountainbleau Hilton in Miami Beach. We began dialoging and got into didactic tracking. We were talking then about working for the freedom of the Jews in Russia. Then Ben made a comment that struck a chord in me. He said, “I’ve often felt that the estimated 13 to 18 million people in the world who kept their identity as Jewish people, just does not fulfill God’s promise to Abraham when He promised that his seed would be as the sand of the sea and the stars of the sky.

We’re really seeking the Lord this weekend and hopefully tomorrow as we all gather together the Holy Spirit will illuminate our hearts. Let us seek the Lord for that tonight. I don’t want to be like those who turned their back on your prophets. And I feel there’s a great urgency on us to lift our up our voices as shofars, as trumpets and sound an alarm for God’s people to return to Zion before its too late for them to return, as in Poland and Germany.

It’s a big assignment. I believe God is going to anoint groups like this all over the world to come together, to be that blessing and support to the Jewish people we should be. And for every Jew that goes back to Zion, there’ll be 10 non-Jews, I call them non-Jewish Zionists – who are going to come back to their identity and become one people and one nation.