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IN THE LAST BLON, we featured our “adopted settlement” in the mountains of Ephraim. Ma’ale Michmas is where we have established an almond orchard and also are endeavoring to help them purchase an ambulance. Thanks to those of you who have responded. However, the need is still very great. Please pray about this and do as the Lord prompts your heart and supplies your pocketbook!  The settlers are giving their ALL in possessing the mountains.  The ones I met at the settlement are so cheerful and go about their daily tasks with confidence and faith.

A handy coupon to fill out, clip and mail to us provided below. When you write, do feel free to send your own prayer requests.

The offer for the four  video tapes, “Israel, God’s Key to World Redemption” by Jay and Meridel Rawlings,  together with Elmer Josephson’s book by the same title is still current.  All of these for a $100 donation.