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This edition of the Bible Light on the News is actually a continuation of the last one. We have received several positive letters and calls about Vol. 7 # 2, and the articles edited from the tapes of our conference on “The Lost Tribes”. We mentioned in the editorial at that time, that there was enough material left over for another printing. Many have expressed an interest in this, therefore this edition is a supplement – a condensed version and edited in order to print. As in the previous edition, we’ve attempted to retain as much as possible the speakers’ words and styles.

Primarily, it is a continuation teaching by Ben Cohen [an orthodox Jewish business man from Miami]. It begins on the opposite page — page 3. But don’t miss the question and answer portion beginning on page 12. This discussion no doubt is typical of thoughts others are having on this subject.

We trust that you also will respond to the appeal on page 25 to help with Almond Orchard and/or the purchase of an ambulance for Ma’ale Michmash. The settlement is Bible Light’s “adopted” village. (See Bible Light on the News, Vol. 7, No. 1.)

Finally, beginning on the back cover and continuing inside, is a portion of a letter to President Clinton by John Stembridge, originally written just before Pres. Clinton met with Syrian Pres.Hasad in Geneva recently.

Plans for the next issue are to deal with social and secular issues in Israel today in the light of Bible truths.

We appreciate your concerns and prayers for our needs.

                                                                                Chris Josephson & staff