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Help Ephraim

IN VOL 7 #2, we featured our “adopted settlement” in the mountains of Ephraim. An almond orchard there in memory of Elmar Josephson is about 1/2 planted. Also we are endeavoring to help them purchase an ambulance. The need is still very great. Please pray about this and do as the Lord prompts your heart and supplies your pocketbook! The settlers are giving their ALL in possessing the mountains. The ones I met at the settlement are cheerful and go about their daily tasks with confidence and faith.

Below is a handy coupon: Please clip or copy it, fill it out and mail it to us. The enclosed self-addressed envelope is provided for your convenience. When you write, do feel free to send your prayer requests and comments.

By Ben Distin, son of Terry & Toni Distin at age 6.

"Money is made from paper, paper is made from wood, wood comes from trees, therefore, money does grow on trees."