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A Voice from Hebron – Excerpts from:

Who Are the Real “Lunatics?”

Our government is presently engaged in a full fledged negotiation of surrender to our enemies. It is desperately trying to negotiate the best terms possible to enable our continued existence, but it has been and continues to make suicidal concessions of defeat to our enemies.

Why is it necessary for us to create a PLO state on Jewish soil? If the right of the PLO to build such a state has always been valid, why was it not created prior to 1967 when all of the lands that they allegedly now claim as their was in Arab hands? Why is Israel blamed for failing to agree to that which no Arab nation ever suggested prior to 1967? Why is it that we imagine that we will magically achieve peace by reverting to borders similar to that which existed just before we were attacked by our neighbors in 1967? Why didn’t we have “peace” then?. . .

Barak and his government have elected to reject the one weapon which will save us. They are not afraid of offending the Living G-d of Israel which is the only factor that maintains our existence from moment to moment. Not only do they look upon G-d as an irrelevant fairy tale, but they call Jews who demonstrate their faith in Him, “lunatics”. It will only be as a result of such “lunatics” that Israel will not only survive, but will defeat all of her enemies and become the light unto the nations she was destined to be.   -