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Ma’ale Michmas
Editor’s Report

Bible Light’s adopted settlement is located about 15 miles NE of Jerusalem. It is right on the border line of area Prime Minister Barak has proposed turning over to PA control! On my trip to Israel last May, I learned more about the settlement. We have written much about it before in Vol.7 No.1 of the Bible Light on the News. This is also accessible on our website.

Though the initial territory allotted to the Almond Orchard is nearly filled with young almond trees, there are other expenses involved. The money received for purchase of trees alone does not cover all expenses of preparing the soil and bringing water to the trees. And now a fence is needed around the orchard to protect it from deer and other wild animals.

Regarding the ambulance needs of the settlement, I learned they are updating and equipping the ambulance they have, with the donations from Bible Light. We have received a letter of appreciation which reads in part: We would like to thank you for your generous donation towards acquisition of the paging system for the ambulance crew. This technological advance has greatly enhanced our ability to respond quickly and efficiently in case of emergency. We are on constant call and provide 24-hour service for a large area and population without regard to nationality or religion . . . I know today how important the beepers are, and how much more a (life pack) Defibrillator would contribute to our success in saving lives in the future . . . In our tradition we say that “to save a life is to save a whole world” and you can certainly consider yourself a “world saver”.

Bible Light’s friends who contribute to these projects, 1) the almond orchard and 2) the needs of the ambulance receive a certificate suitable for framing. These can be sent directly to you or to the recipient of those you wish to honor or remember in memorial.   -