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The screen saver on my laptop is the word “Restoration”. It twists and turns in a fascinating manner. Sometimes the word is hardly distinguishable at all. Sometimes it looks like its coming from above and sometimes like it’s going from earth to sky. Then it will twist until only the top of the letters appear similar to looking at the top of mountains. It appears three dimensional: when the top or bottom of the word is toward the viewer, it is larger and the word diminishes as it fades in the distance. Then it changes colors!

That’s the way restoration is today. It appears clear at times and at times seems to be escaping us. Not the prophesies or the promises, but because we imperfect servants of the Lord keep messing up the view.

In this present issue of the Bible Light on the News, a portion of Elmer Josephson’s manuscript, Christ Charges the Church with the Responsibility for the Corruption and Chaos in the World Today, gives clear warning. He also left a huge file he called, “Examples of Decay”, of newspaper clipping, etc. In going through these, I was shocked! Not about the awful things I read, but in realizing the examples he cited 20 years ago are TAME to what assults our eyes and ears today!

By following the following link you will find excerpts from Dr. David Flusser’s book, Jesus”. Bible Light has his permission to print excerpts and is seeking copies from the publisher to make this book available to you.

As promised in the last issue of this publication, we are continuing John Stembridge’s article with Part II: Christianity’s Sins and Dilemmas. Read prayerfully with an open mind to its truths.

Finally, ‘yours truly’ shares a message, written in Jerusalem recently, which is in keeping with the other articles.

None of the above will “tickle your ears”, but call to mind, “He that turneth away his ears from hearing the Law, even his prayer shall be an abomination” (Proverbs 28:9).  -