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A Giant Scholar Among Men

Planned material, deadlines and press time for Bible Light On the News received a postponement when word arrived from Jerusalem that Professor Dr. David Flusser had gone to his reward this month (September, 2000).

Amidst the memories, and the tears that stung my eyes, was heart-felt gratitude because he was a friend to my late husband, Elmer Josephson. I was privileged to know him and his dear wife, Hannah. There was also a close bond with their son, Yochanan. Edged thankfully into recent memories is the few minutes with them on my last visit to Israel.

We met Dr. Flusser when he was head of the Department of the History of Religions at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he specialized in teaching ancient Judaism and early Christianity. Without solicitation he wrote the introduction for Elmer’s book (in manuscript form at the time), Israel, God’s Key to World Redemption.

The intellectual stature of this unusual man is realized when one learns he spoke nine major languages, read and understood over twenty. The last time I saw him he was still sitting at his desk and researching books in different languages.

His vibrant faith in God was unspeakably clear to all who knew him. When he presented me with his book “Jesus”, he also gave permission to print portions in the Bible Light On the News.

Beginning on the next page is a chapter from his book, Jesus (minus the footnotes and with our inserted subtopic headings) entitled The Kingdom of Heaven.

For a copy of Dr. Flussers’ book, write us at Bible Light Int’l, PO Box 370, Ottawa, KS 66067-0370.  Please include your payment for $37.00 to cover the cost of the book and shipping from Israel.