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Excerpts from the Introduction to:

Israel, God’s Key to
World Redemption

 The Special Problem

 Josephson’s book is not only the best book in its field, but also a necessary book and a great book. It should be read by all readers of good will and recommended to others in order that they may repent and save their soul and possibly their life.

The book deals with a special problem, the children of Israel and their task and aim in the history of mankind. It is written for Christians who believe that the Bible is a holy book.

The “Jewish problem” is not in periphery of Christianity though there were many Christians who were sure that they were good Christians, yet almost never thought about the Jews. In reality, the Jewish problem is one of the central Christian problems: a wrong position toward the Jews means a distorted approach to God and His Word and a misunderstanding of the very claim of the Christian message. This I say, not because I myself am a believing Jew, but because I have learned and have taught the New Testament and early Christianity many years at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. It would be easier for me to study and teach my theme as a detached objective scholar, but when one is serious, such an attitude is false even when you occupy yourself with obsolete problems, e.g., with the pagan Greek religion. . . .

On the other hand, I know the positive values of Christianity, not only from the New Testament but I am also happy to be a friend of some Christians who have shown to me by their opinions and their acts that Christianity could become another movement than it became in history. . . . . -