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Lost Tribes Conference

After the Sabbath meal on Friday night (October 27th) Chris sought to set the tone of the conference with a message from the Book of Hosea. One of my jobs was to do the taping. Although everything worked fine during the test in the afternoon, the battery on the mike at the head table failed. It was not detectable at the time, but the sound was going in and out. As a result we had a good picture, but no audio!

I was able to catch the trouble and the rest of the recording went well. Write us for a copy of the edited video of the entire conference.

Elwood Gustafson from Moline, Illinois, and Rebbe Nate Seitelback from Omaha, Nebraska, each gave teaching and also filled in comments throughout the sessions. It was the fourth anniversary of the home-going of Elmer Josephson, and Chris asked Brother Seitelback to lead us in the kaddash prayer. [A prayer of praise to God in honor of the deceased.]

Because of the time consuming job of getting all that was said from the tape on paper, editing and coordinating it to finally print, we have to divide up the material into two issues of this publication. We have decided to do these in the order they were given, except for Chrisí message. She asked that I close the conference on Saturday night with a study and if time and space permits, that also will appear in a later edition.  -