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Our Adopted Settlement

“Ma’ale” means “From the Heights.” “Michmas” means “Hidden Treasure of the Most High”.

The road to Ma’ale Michmas leads from northern Jerusalem suburbs, then away to the east from Ramallah, winding up into the stony hills to an isolated mountaintop overlooking Jerusalem about 15 miles away.  The settlement began about 18 years ago and most of the inhabitants work in Jerusalem.

Surrounding the village are brown, rocky hills “skipping like rams” the Psalmist said. But there are no fertile farmlands or anything to attract one to the area, except the settlement itself, established by Bible believing, brave Jewish settlers who carry on their lives in faith daily – as though there were no danger.

The Bible Light orchard is established and maintained by interested friends who purchase almond trees in memory or in honor of friends and loved ones. It lies at the very entrance of the settlement. I like to think of it as part of the “security” on guard of the settlement. The sign designating it quotes Psalm 91:1, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” The orchard now needs a fence to protect the young trees from wild animals.

We consider Ma’ale Michmas (often shortened to Michmas) our adopted settlement. Gifts to this project through Bible Light are most welcome and a tax deductible receipt is given to contributors.

The young almond trees must have water. Drip irrigation is generally used.

During the recent violence, I got in touch with Ma’ale Michmas and was relieved to receive some e-mails saying: “Thank God, we are all well and trying to conduct our lives as usual while at the same time, preparing ourselves in case the situation worsens. We have had no direct problems here, though there have been occasional closings of the Ramallah bypass road, which is our shorter route to Jerusalem. Security patrols have been reinforced. Emergency teams have been set up and are meeting on a regular basis. The children travel to school in bullet proof school buses.  . . . We would like to thank you in advance for your offer of a donation and can tell you that it will be applied to the purchase of new walkie/talkie units for our security patrols. Please know that you are doing a great and praiseworthy service for which we are most grateful. The almond orchard in memory of Elmar Josephson is flourishing and adorns the entrance to our community with grace. We are most fortunate for your generosity and kindness.”

None of this could be done without you whose hearts are moved to contribute to this cause. When I learn of the settlement’s needs, I’m frank in telling them that I can only make the needs known in our publication and when I have occasion to speak. I ask them to please pray with me that there will be responses.

I wish to express my gratitude to you who have responded, making possible for us to do as much as we have. There is still work to be done on the almond orchard and there are still equipment needs for the ambulance. May the Lord show you what part you should have.

Greeting from Michmas (Letter Received Recently)

To Our dear friend Mrs. Josephson,

Greetings of peace from Ma’ale Michmas. We were very moved by the receipt of your letter and gift. The expression, concern, and solidarity that flows from the depths of your heart warms our hearts. In this difficult time, in which all the residents of the Holy Land find themselves, your support is both a blessing and salvation.

Your gift, which arrived on October 30, will benefit us greatly in two areas which are critical in these days. First, the addition of first aid kits which are being distributed to critical points in our community:

1. 6 kits for doctors, medics and nurses that live on the settlement.
2. 4 kits for various centers where children and youth are active.
   a. The new school, which was founded this year in our community.
   b. The youth activity center.
   c. Nurseries and kindergarten.
   d. Day-care center.

To each of the 4 kits, we are adding a small cabinet– to be opened in time of emergency – so that the children won’t play with the kit. Secondly, we have ordered 20 Motorola walkie-talkies, which will be distributed to the members of the aid and rescue squad in time of emergency. These residents, who are reserve soldiers in combat units, are members of an emergency response team which is called upon for security situations.

We take this opportunity to wish you a full measure of health and strength, and we look forward to your visit in February. With the blessing of G-d, the nation, and the Land of Israel.

Yechiel Hamdi-Levi, General Manager of Ma’ale Michmas.   -