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Time for Biblical Leadership

When I was in Israel in May of 2000, I heard from Israelis of the “O So Low” Oslo Accords. This was an expression regarding exchanging their holy places in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria for peace with the Palestinians. In my opinion, the Oslo accords are Biblically flawed for both Israel and the Palestinians and needs to be scrapped.

Israel needs a new election, not only for Prime Minister but for the entire Knesset. The purpose of this new election would be for all potential leaders to debate its future and destiny, as well as that of the Palestinians, in light of what the Prophets are saying to us at this time and in this hour. Make no mistake, there is a Godly and Biblical answer for both peoples.

When the blacks in America could only ride in the back of the bus, drink from separate water fountains, use separate toilets, every fair minded American was incensed. Like so, the estimated 18 million Jews and 2.2 billion Christians of the world are not permitted to pray on the Temple Mount today, even though it is the most sacred spot in all the earth to both groups.

Neither group can travel to, nor pray safely at the Tombs of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in Hebron, or at Joseph’s tomb in Nablus (which was recently destroyed by the Palestinians), in Bethlehem at the tomb of Rachel and at the birth places of King David and Yahshua (Jesus).

In like manner, fair minded citizens around the world see the injustice against both groups. How can there be justice with peace in Jerusalem or Israel when Israel’s own leaders are unconcerned that its own people, as well as the Christians of the world, are treated like the blacks used to be in America? Nearly a thousand times in the Tenach (Hebrew Bible) God is calling all 13 tribes of Israel back to the land. Today only approximately 5 million Jews live in Israel. There are 10-13 million other Jews living outside Israel.

This estimated 15-18 million Jews in the world today only make up a remnant of the 3 tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levy. These 15-18 million Jews are the ones who kept their identity as Jews. The name “Jew” comes from the name “Judah” which means, “Praiser of God.”

Besides these 3 tribes there are the “Ten Lost Tribes.” These ten tribes make up Ephraim/Israel. (Joseph has 2 tribes, added to the other 11, totals 13 tribes of Israel.) These are yet to awaken from their assimilation among the nations to the realization that they, too, are Abraham’s Seed and are being called by God to return to the land of Zion.

When Ephraim/Israel (the Ten “Lost” Tribes) return to the land, it could be 50 to 180 million people. . God said in Zechariah 8:23 that for every Jew who returns to Zion, 10 from the nations will take hold of his garments and go with him.

Today 5 million Jewish Judites live in Zion. According to God in Zechariah there will be coming 10 Ephraimites/Israelites for every one Judite to join them from the nations. When this happens, Israel’s population will soar to 55 million.

Hypothetically, suppose all estimated 18 million Jews in the world hear God’s Voice and return to Zion. According to God in Zechariah, 180 million Ephraimites/Israelites will return with them. Then Israel’s population will be 198  million, consisting of 18 million Judites joined by 180 million Ephraimites/Israelites.

With the Oslo Accords demanding that Israel’s leader barter the Temple Mount, Judea and Samaria in order to get America’s billions, where will these nearly 200 million Judites/Ephraimites/Israelites live?

God is a God of order. In His sovereign plan, there is a prepared place for a prepared people. Right now none of the hearts of Judah/Ephraim/Israel are preparing for this massive regathering. For that matter neither are the hearts of most Christians and Moslems preparing to welcome the rest of Abraham’s children to the land of Zion for the Messianic Age of Redemption.

For this regathering to take place, all the deserts of the Middle East have to be turned into gardens by reclaiming the land with wells, irrigation, etc. Also there has to be jobs, schools, hospitals, transportation and communications and other adequate infrastructure for such a number of people.

Sharon, by his visit to the Temple Mount, was making a point for his own people, and all Moslems and Christians that the Temple Mount is holy and it is the designated place of worship and prayer for all the observant people of the world who believe in God.

Certainly Arafat, his advisors, his Imams know how holy the Temple Mount is to the heart of the Jews. It, unlike Islam, has only one such holy place, and Jews all over the world, like Daniel in Babylon, pray toward Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. In fact every place of Jewish worship in any part of the world, called a temple or synagogue, is built so that its congregation prays toward Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

To the Moslems, the Temple Mount is their third most holy site. Even on the Temple Mount observant Moslems bow and pray five times a day toward Mecca, their most holy place.

All three, Jews, Moslems and Christians expect the Messiah to come soon to slay all the proud, arrogant, wicked leaders of the world and to establish justice for the poor and rule the earth from there.

Besides the two current candidates for Prime Minister, if I had another choice I would prefer my Israeli friend, Ben Cohen, who has the clearest understanding of the regathering and reconciliation of both houses of Judah and Ephraim of any Israeli leader that I’ve heard discuss the subject. He also has implicit understanding of the need of justice, educational and economical opportunities for the Palestinians in that his great grandfather was one of the chief rabbis in Iran and made Aliyah to Israel in the 1800’s, and his father was head of Arab labor in Jerusalem for over 35 years. Because of this long association, he speaks Arabic as well as Hebrew and English, and understands their faith and culture as well as that of Christians and that of his own people.

Israel needs new leadership whose hearts, intellects, and wills are subject to the Spirit, Word and Will of God and not to the god of secularism that has dominated both American and Israeli policies in the past. Personally, I believe that God is already exposing and overthrowing these failed policies. Too long American Presidents, Secretaries of State and Israel’s leaders have followed the counsel and advice of the secular bureaucrats of the American State Department and of our National Security Council instead of following the Almighty and His prophets.

If Israel’s leaders are afraid to quote and to urge their own people to obey God’s commandments, what chance does secular America and the rest of the nations have? Israel’s destiny is to be regathered and redeemed from the nations and become the first nation to be filled with God’s Spirit and glory. After Israel’s regathering and redemption, many other peoples and nations will also receive the same.

It is time for all of us to cry out to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to give us Godly leaders from the local, to the national, to the international scene. With that cry, we should also ask Him to overthrow every wicked oppressive leader anywhere in the world the same as He did Pharaoh and his army in the Red Sea. He not only can but will do it in this hour according to Isaiah 66.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself when we are following hard after God. The greatest fear that we will have is when we have to face a holy God after we have knowingly been following the god of secularism as both Israel and America have been proudly doing. Hopefully with new leadership both will change for the better.    -