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A Mideast Key

More excerpts which are more truthful now than when first said 27 years ago.

One key to the Mideast impasse is found in a simple passage in Isaiah 59:14; “Judgment is turned away backward and justice stands afar off; for truth is fallen in the street so equity cannot enter.”

Another rendition is, “The arbitrator is forced backward and justice stands afar off  because truth is fallen in the street and equity is not able to enter.” (The right decision cannot be made. Truth has been wrecked at the intersection, therefore all traffic is blocked.)

The key text (Isa. 59:14) is directly related to the present Mideast situation within the framework of Israel’s ingathering, recorded in the following chapter of Isaiah, especially 60-62; 65-66.

An analogy pertaining to the Mideast. There has been a “bad wreck,” a smashing of ideas and opinions of governments, one against another, one political leader ‘crashes into another,’ so the true arbitrator is turned back, justice stands afar off for TRUTH has fallen, “been wrecked” (rejected) so that equity and the normal flow of peace, prosperity and the ordinary everyday blessings of life, essential to man’s welfare and enjoyment, cannot enter the area of function normally.

Healing truth

There must be a ‘reconstruction of the accident,’ to find its cause and cure as quickly as possible so that torn bodies may be mended, wrecked nerves healed, minds made at peace and damages repaired and that human highways may be cleared again for the normal flow of traffic, bringing the moral and spiritual, business and social blessing of life.

What is the solution?  What is the “truth” that has fallen in the street?  What is one man’s word against another’s or one nation’s contention against another?  How long will this useless debate and ‘haranguing’ go on?  How many more ‘wrecks and deaths’ must there be before we cease to “turn backward” the true arbitrator, the Word of the Lord God Eternal?  How much more blood will flow before the nations’ governments will allow Truth to arise in the streets, God’s authoritative Word, so that equity, the truly right decisions might be made to the blessing of all nations? 

As to the Middle East, the Lord God speaks very clearly regarding the two peoples – the Jews and the Arabs – and regarding the land. If these divine decrees are shrugged off by the nations as merely “a religious view,” then there remains no alternative but for the Almighty to impose His solution by force and no power on earth or in hell can hinder its fulfillment.

Only in this authentic record, the Holy Scriptures, do we have the origin of the two peoples of the Middle East, Israel and the Arabs beginning with Ishmael and Isaac. The Eternal speaks clearly as to His plans and purposes for both and which encompasses the world.

But is the world now ready to let Truth ‘arise’ and present the facts in this case, as to (1) the origin of relationship, the past and its experiences;  (2) the cause of the muddle of things in the present, and  (3) the plans and purposes of God for the future regarding the Mideast and the world? The fact that most of our ‘heads of state’ among the nations prefer to project their own concepts on international problems and consider the Almighty’s plan and purposes as mere ‘religious ideas,’ is evidence of man’s depravity. If political leaders and nations do not let ‘fallen truth arise from the street’ then the Almighty (not the Big Powers) must force His solution as He has declared, “I am watching over my word [truth] to perform it” (Jeremiah 1:12, Isaac Leeser – Heb. version) unto world redemption.

“Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).  -