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Finally, Israel Votes for Temple Mount

“I have chosen to put my name there” (I Kings 11:36).

On the eve of Israel’s elections, I passed on to friends some of my feelings about the fears being levied against Ariel Sharon.

Shmuel Katz, Begin’s Minister of Information, told me that when Begin was elected his first assignment was to come to America to assuage the fears of the American community that Israel had just elected a terrorist and that war was eminent. As it happened, Begin was probably the best Prime Minister thus far in Israel’s history. We will have to see if history repeats itself with Sharon.

Regarding Sharon, I do not believe that he is a war monger as he is being portrayed. Unlike Barak, Sharon has some very strong Biblical beliefs concerning the land given by God to His people and concerning the regathering of all thirteen tribes from the nations to that land in this hour. If, nearly a thousand times in the Bible, God is calling these thirteen tribes* out the nations of their scattering to the land, that means that Israel will need more land, not less. (This does not mean that Israel can mistreat the Palestinians. According to the Torah all aliens who wish to live peacefully among the Israelites as one of them must be treated as a native born).

Secondly, all of the Biblical holy places including the Temple Mount, Bethlehem, the tombs of the Patriarchs in Hebron, Joseph’s tomb in Nablus, etc., must be free for all of the world’s observant Jews and Christians – as well as the Moslems – to pray freely and safely. Whether you or I agree with the timing or manner of Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount in September, he is the only Israeli leader that I know of in the 52 years of Israel’s existence that had the courage to move the Temple Mount issue to the top of the agenda in the current Palestinian/Israeli negations. (In contrast to not being on the agenda at all.)

His visit just simply revealed to the world that if the billions of American taxpayers’ dollars had bought a genuine peace in the “O, So Low” Oslo accords or if Arafat is a genuine peace partner, every observant Jew and Christian would be free to pray freely and safely on the Temple Mount today. As the world knows this is not the case.

Here in the US, blacks could only be made to ride in the back of the bus for so long until there was a Rosa Parks and a Martin Luther King, Jr., who won their freedom through fasting, prayer, and peaceful demonstrations. It did not take another civil war and the blood shed of millions. Hopefully the Temple Mount can be liberated the same way for all the observant of the world to worship and pray without a nuclear, chemical, or biological holocaust. Hopefully, Sharon will be such a leader.

God told Samuel that whoever honors Him, He will honor that person. Sharon has honored the place God has chosen to dwell with all the redeemed of the nations throughout the Messianic Age. Can there be any doubt in our minds that now God is honoring this one who has the courage to stand up for Him and His dwelling place on earth by allowing him to become Israel’s next Prime Minister?

He will need lots of prayer and fasting to please God in his governing in this time of Jacob’s trouble, Israel’s most difficult hour. (Jeremiah 30) Had the Maccabees governed like the secular Moshe Dyan and Barak who cared not about the Temple Mount, we would not have a Hanukkah celebration today. The only constitution Israel needs is the Bible. The only leaders that Israel needs are those who hear God’s voice and who keep and teach His commandments diligently to his people.

Let us pray that Sharon, his cabinet, and the Knesset will be such leaders. If they are not, then lets pray them out until God gives us His government in Jerusalem and throughout the earth.

Olivi, (May it be so even in this hour).    -

*The Tribe of Joseph was divided in two – Manasseh and Ephraim – which makes 13 tribes.