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The Election of “Peace Officers”?

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” and “for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty” (Psalm 122:6; I Tim. 2:2).

The near-simultaneous accession of Ariel Sharon and George W. Bush offers a unique opportunity to get Middle East policy back on a more rational footing. . . [President Bush] seems to understand that there are more urgent priorities in the region than a final settlement in the West Bank. . .” (The Wall Street Journal)

Though our new president has not traveled extensively, he once took a helicopter ride with Ariel Sharon over the Samaria/Judea region (called “The West Bank”) and the Jordan Valley. Upon Sharon’s winning the premiership, Pres. Bush called and congratulated him, reminding him that though it seemed unlikely at the time, he had told Sharon that one day he (Bush) would be president and Sharon would be Prime Minister! Bush reportedly described the experience as one of the most moving of his life.

Most of us feel we’ve elected a president who is God-fearing. But this is not the time to sleep on our prayer vigil. The responsibilities, tests and temptations of that office have proven too much for any man not strengthened by the Almighty. Read again the above Scripture.

The landslide victory in Israel for Sharon brought some unusual comments such as one from a 23 year old student, “I’m secular but today I now believe there is a God. Today the entire world sees the power of Zionism”.

At the time of this writing the violence has not stopped and the new prime minister has declared he will not return to the negotiations until it does. A leader of the militant Palestinian Islamic Jihad group vowed to pursue a bombing campaign to create what he called a “balance of terror” with Israel. Abdallah al-Shami told about 2,000 supporters at a rally, “We confirm that the bombing missions will continue to create a balance of terror. So, be ready, Sharon.”

Barak said that peace proposals his government made were not binding on a Sharon administration. A State Department spokesman echoed this view, saying the United States no longer subscribed to proposals put forward by former President Clinton.

Significantly, Collin Powell will make his first visit abroad as the new Secretary of State, to the Middle East.

Temple Mount Still Central

In the early publication of Bible Light mentioned in Sharon 27 Years Ago, the middle page spread of the magazine was a picture and a graphic of The Temple Mount area in Jerusalem. Our readers will remember the Temple Mount was featured in our last publication. The media and opponents of Ariel Sharon like to portray him as a man of war and say his visit to the Temple Mount provoked the Palestinian violence. But by his visit he sent a signal that Jews (and Christians) should have access to the Temple Mount. This is in accord with Isaiah 56:7, a place of prayer “for ALL people.” (See Finally, Israel Votes for Temple Mount by John Stembridge.)

Readers of The Bible Light on the News know of our special interest in the area called “The West Bank” by the media, but Samaria and Judea by the Word of the Lord. This edition will be mailed, God willing, while I am in Israel. We will have a group coming not only from all over the US but foreign lands as well in a special study of those two kingdoms (Judea and Samaria/Ephraim). I expect to also, will be visiting Ma’ale Michmas where the Bible Light Almond Orchard is located. I will have much to share upon returning.   -