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A Word from Ephraim!

When “the weak say, ‘I am Strong’.”

Editor: The following e-mail was received recently from Ephraim and Rimona Frank, who were two of our speakers during the study tour.

Two seminary students killed at “Peace Stop” gas station. The suicide bomber detonated nail-filled explosives strapped to his body. One of their friends related through sobs, “I was hurled backward. When I got up I saw one of my friends without hands. Another friend was torn apart.”

Last night we were again made very aware of the warfare that is going on in our backyard. Our home is situated about twenty yards from the security fence here in Alfe Menashe. We have to walk along this fence for about two hundred yards before getting to the main part of the settlement. It was about 10:00 P.M. when my son left the house to go play soccer with some friends. While I was sitting at my desk, I heard a volley of PA [Palestinian Authority] automatic rifle fire. I became somewhat concerned as I knew my son was walking along the fence. However, my concern was immediately lifted as he phoned. He was all excited, telling me that he could see the gun battle going on down the hill at a nearby army camp. (It turned out that the Palestinians were shooting at what used to be a joint Palestinian-Israeli camp which had been set up just north of us in the wake of the ‘peace process’).

Earlier in the day Rimona and I had driven down to visit an elderly believer friend with whom we meet once a week for a Bible study. This time, though, there was no study as we were visiting her in the hospital to where she was rushed with pneumonia. On the way back home to our settlement, as we were going by two large Arab towns (one of which you may have heard about on the news, Kalkilya, and the other is Hableh) flanking us on each side, we noticed what looked like rows of huge concrete tombstones. Usually any time there is trouble the Army comes in with a large tractor and dumps mounds of dirt at the entrance to Hableh. However, this time they must have come up with an innovation! We have been noticing that ever since the change of Government had taken place, there has been an increase in military presence in some of these places. The identity of the terrorist who blew himself up at the gas station (where I usually buy gas), killing two teenagers a few weeks ago, was just disclosed; he was a resident of neighboring Kalkilya. On one of the hills overlooking both of these towns, the Army has put a tank emplacement and a guard post.

Last night’s and this morning’s News reported constant fighting throughout the day in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Amazingly, with as many attacks as there are day after day, whether by machine gun fire, terrorist bombs, mortars falling on settlements, fire bombs, or even by our own return fire, very few Israelis and Palestinians are wounded or killed in proportion to the thousands of bullets that fly through the air.

We have taken comfort in many of the Psalms that speak of our loving, faithful Father, whose sovereignty is in control of all the affairs of men. We also recognize the many prayers that are being lifted up to the Almighty, King of the Universe and Comforter of the afflicted. It is a real privilege to be able to stand at this time in the land, to be here for such a time as this. We know that many of you would love and long to be here with us, but until that time we feel your presence through the prayers and concern that you have for all of us. Thank you again, and our love and appreciation to you in return.

Ephraim, Rimona, Yonatan and Hadar

P.S. Just now at the sending of this letter, a car was damaged with bullet holes, as it drove up the road to our settlement. No one was injured.
















Child’s Play?! Palestinian Arab children are taught from an early age and in school to hate Jews, to carry guns and that it is an honor to be a suicide bomber.