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Their Way in the World

Among the friends I visited after the tour left for the States last Spring, was Hannah Flusser, the wife of the late David Flusser. Her son, Yohannan arrived whom I’ve known since his bar mitzvah. I was able to capture on video his account of the unique school in Jerusalem where he is the principal.

Beit Rachel Strauss is a school for youngsters 13-21 with moderate to complicated handicaps. In practice, however, it defies description, for Yohanan uses the surrounding neighborhood as part of the therapeutic study program. Children who did not fit into institutions for the emotionally disturbed, autistic or retarded, Yohanan Flusser has transformed into caring children. If he had not taken them, they would have remained physically and emotionally locked up in another world.

However, the future of this school is hanging in the balance, I learned that evening. The Jerusalem municipality wants Yohanan to merge his school with another whose residents are very troubled and even have committed crimes.

I am speaking to our readers to take this urgent need upon your hearts to pray and DO as you are able, to not only keep this school in operation, but that it may have its own ample building to grow. The children of this home are transformed from patients into caretakers. They feed senior citizens, raise animals in a pet corner and work helping kindergarten children.

Do not these children have a right to live normal lives? We who consider ourselves “normal” can learn much from such! Write for our video of Yohanan Flusser and a copy of the write up about him by Ruth Sinai in Israel’s “Ha’aretz.” All designated contributions for this worthy project will go directly to Johanan’s Beit Rachel Strauss school.   -