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Cover Explanation – Plus!

This Star of David “marked the spot” just outside the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount.

The time was January 1965 and it was the first trip to Israel for Ed Christiansen and me. Elmer Josephson, my late husband, had made his first trip in 1960 (BC – before Chris) and was anxious to show us Israel.

Upon entering the Temple Mount, we were met by a Christian Arab eager to be our guide. He assured us he could point out things usually missed by tourists. Later trips to the Temple Mount attested to the truth of that statement!

Elmer captured on film the picture featured on the cover of this issue of the Bible Light on the News. A miniature dome, similar to the Dome of the Rock (the Mosque of Omar) sheltered it. Our guide said the Moslem religion taught that it marked the spot from which the Messiah would rule the world.

Psalm 74 is very descriptive: “They set up their ensigns for signs. . .We see not our signs.”

Is this Star still there? At the time of this writing, I’m trying to verify whether or not it has also been destroyed. Coral Christiansen’s brother, David VanKoevering and his son, Joey (of God’s News Behind the News) have lately been all over the mount and they say it is NOT THERE. Many friends say they have never seen it, but I recall finding it and showing it to members of our Bible Light tour group on at least one other occasion several years ago.

We were also shown “Solomon’s Stables” which most of our friends have never seen. The top of the Hulda Gate to the Temple, visible on the south wall, was pointed out to us. Located under the platform of the Temple Mount with the entry leading down at the southeast corner, the Jewish artifacts attesting to Jewish history of this area have been destroyed and debris dumped outside.  A new mosque is in its place. (Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute made a video of this destruction with Jay Rawlings of Jerusalem Vistas. The video is available through Bible Light - $15.)

On the same day, our guide took us inside the Mosque of Omar where it is forbidden to take pictures. He discretely pointed out one of the huge marble pillars in which a satanic face is clearly visible – formed in the marble itself.

In destroying the Jewish artifacts on the Temple Mount, the Waqf  (Moslem clerics in charge) may have destroyed this Star of David with other vestiges of the Temples, but Islam cannot destroy that satanic face in the marble pillar without desecrating its own structure!

Let us pray with the Psalmist, “Lord, have respect unto the covenant: for the dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty.” Does not this verse (Psalm 74:20) tell us that abominable desolation on the Temple Mount coincides with darkness and cruelty inhabiting the entire earth?

Whether or not that beautiful Star of David is still there, we know from many Scriptures, Messiah WILL reign from Jerusalem over all the earth. May it be soon that all the world will know His peace. Let us keep faithful and work with that truth! -

A hole was gouged out of the southeast of the Temple Mount to make an entrance to a mosque in the area known as Solomon’s Stables.
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From Psalm 74
“O God, why hast thou cast off for ever?
Why does thine anger smoke against the sheep of thy pasture?
Remember thy congregation thou hast purchased of old;
The rod of thine inheritance thou hast redeemed;
This Mount Zion wherein thou hast dwelt.

Lift up thy feet unto the perpetual desolations;
Even all that the enemy hath done wickedly in the sanctuary. . .
They set up their ensigns for signs . . .
Now they break down the carved work thereof . . .
They have defiled the dwelling place of thy name to the ground.
They said in their hearts, Let us destroy them together . . .

We see not our signs: no more any prophet:
Neither among us any that knoweth how long.
O God, how long shall the adversary reproach?
Shall the enemy blaspheme thy Name for ever?
Why withdrawest thou thy hand, even thy right hand?
Pluck it out of thy bosom.
For God is my King of old, working salvation
in the midst of the earth.
. . . Have respect unto the covenant:
For the dark places of the earth are full
of the habitations of cruelty.”