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Historical Chronology of
the Temple Mount

1677 BC   Abraham binds his son Isaac as a sacrifice to G-d on the site of the future Temple.
1000 BC   King David brings the Tabernacle to Jerusalem.
950 BC   King Solomon builds the First Temple.
701 BC    King Hezekiah fortifies Jerusalem.
586 BC   Nebuchadnezzar conquers Jerusalem and destroys the First Temple.
516 BC   Zerubbabel and Joshua start the rebuilding of the Second Temple. Ezra and Nehemiah complete the reconstruction of the Temple built on the foundations of the original Temple.
167 BC   After defilement by the Greeks, the Hashmonaim retake the city, purify the Temple, and institute the holiday of Chanuka.
70 AD   The Romans under Titus destroy the Temple.
132 AD   The Bar Kochba revolt. Unsuccessful attempt to rebuild the Temple.
360 AD   Roman Emperor Julian gives the Jews permission to rebuild the Holy Temple.
614 AD   King Chosroes II of Persia gives permission to rebuild the Temple, but is defeated eight years later by Christians who again deny Jews access to the Temple Mount.
638 AD   Invading Moslems conquer the land of Israel and allow Jews to live within Jerusalem’s walls with access to the Temple environs. Moslems claim the Temple Mount and build two mosques.
1099 AD   The city is conquered by the Crusaders and the Jewish inhabitants are massacred. The Temple Mount is used to house the army and become a Christian stronghold.
1250 AD   The Mameluks of Egypt build Moslem religious institutions and schools in the area. Jews are allowed again to live within the walls of Jerusalem and visit the Kotel (Western Wall).
1516 AD   Suleiman the Great builds the walls around the city and writes a “firman” recognizing the rights of the Jewish people to the Kotel.
1929 AD   With the advent of Zionism, many Jews come to live in the Holy Land. Arab leaders appeal to the League of Nations to deny all Jewish rights to the Kotel. The Arabs riot in Jerusalem and Hebron charging, “The Jews are planning to destroy the Mosques.”
1948 AD   Arabs conquer East Jerusalem and deny Jews access to the Kotel.
1967 AD   Israel retakes the Old City; Uzi Narkiss announces to the world “Har Ha Bayit B’Yadenu” (The Temple Mount is in our hands).
1996 AD   Arabs riot, using the opening of a tunnel near the Kotel as a pretext.
2000 AD   The Arabs again start rioting after Ariel Sharon visits the Temple Mount. – From the Jewish Press
2001 AD   Arab destruction of Jewish History on the Temple Mount takes on massive form. – Bible Light addition