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Judah, You Are Not Alone

A small portion of an article written for the Jewish Xpress magazine sets a tone for our coming Fall conference.

There are approximately thirteen to eighteen million people in the world who have kept their identity as Jews. Five million of these are already in the land and another eight to thirteen million are yet scattered among the nations. The name Jew is derived from the name Judah that means a praiser or worshipper of God. After Solomon, the Kingdom was split into two. Judah, made up of three Tribes: Judah, Benjamin and (most of) Levy, was in the South. Israel or Ephraim, consisting of ten tribes, was in the North.

Judah went into captivity into Babylon during the time of Daniel and returned to the land under Ezra, Nehemiah and Cyrus. Ephraim/Israel went into captivity into Assyria to the north. From there, they went into numerous nations around the world. In Hosea, HaShem said to Ephraim that He would scatter his seed among the nations. In Genesis when Jacob blessed Ephraim, the blessing stated that Ephraim’s seed would become the fullness of the nations. That means many more nations will be coming into the covenant in addition to the Jewish people. (“HaShem” refers to the sacred Name of God.)

After HaShem regathers the whole house of Israel from the nations to the land in Ezekiel’s vision in chapters 36 and 37, He tells Ezekiel to take the stick of Judah in one hand and the stick of Ephraim in the other hand. Ezekiel was to put the two sticks together and make them one stick (nation). After He makes them one nation, God will give them one King, the Messiah, and they will be one people with one God. At that time they will no longer be two nations by Echad (one) in the hand of HaShem. -

“Judah, You're Not Alone” is the theme of our 3rd Annual Bible Light Conference beginning with the evening Sabbath meal on Friday, October 12, 2001 and continuing through Sunday the 14th.

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