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What About Israel Bonds?

Note from Chris Josephson, Directory of BLI: Since the decease of BLI's founder (my late husband) the bond program has changed and escalated beyond my ability to handle sales. Please contact your nearest Israel Consul General or my friend in the Saint Louis office, Bob Aisenseld at 800-989-2663 or fax 314-432-4012.

The end of the War of Independence in 1948 found the newly-reborn State of Israel in a state of economic exhaustion. From Europe and North Africa, Holocaust survivors and displaced persons flooded into Israel by the tens of thousands. Its treasury was empty, its economy was in danger of collapse and its already meager resources were drained.

During this difficult time, the government of Israel had to conceive a way to raise capital for its continued survival. On September 3, 1950, David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, met with a group of 50 American and Israeli leaders in Jerusalem’s King David Hotel. They decided to bring the idea of Israel Bonds to the American public. In October 1950, Golda Meir met with American Jewish leaders in Washington, DC, to lay plans for launching Israel’s first bond issue in the United States.

Bond Dollars at Work
Since its inception in 1951, Israel Bonds has been a bridge between Israel and worldwide Diaspora. The principal objective of Israel Bonds is building and developing the economy of the modern Jewish state. It has been embraced by individuals from all walks of life the world over, and has not defaulted in paying off mature bonds.

From 1990 to present, Israel Bonds have funded massive efforts to absorb immigrants from Russia and Ethiopia.

Israel Bonds has helped transform the country from a desolated and deserted country with nearly nil prospects for economic growth into one of the world’s leading industrialized nations. Israel Bonds continue to be an essential component of Israel’s economic future by supplying funds for infrastructure and immigration.

When you purchase Israel Bonds, as Golda Meir expressed it, “You have a stake in every drop of water we pour into our land, in every mile of  road built, in every kilowatt of power, in every field, in every factory.”

Israel bonds are not only a symbolic bridge but fund the building of actual bridges in Israel.

Constructed in 1977, the Hadera power plant, with its dual firing capacity, now supplies Israel with nearly half of its total energy needs. Israel bonds have also been utilized to harness the one energy source that Israel has in abundance – solar power.

Once this region was the site of ancient trading caravans. Israel bonds have helped take major proposals such as the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway from conception to reality.