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What It’s All About

“The Father of Glory give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him” (Eph. 1:17. Read also Col. 1:9-14).

Before the modern State of Israel was born, most Christians believers read the prophecies of the Bible ‘with a grain of salt’ (if they read them at all). Prophecy was treated like something in the far distant future that didn’t really affect life now.

Now, we know how wrong that attitude was. Revelation knowledge of the Word of God relative to our day has burst forth in such brilliance and continues to come with such rapidity, it is stunning.

This is true, not only of prophecy, but the precepts of God’s eternal Law are beginning to be realized for what they are – truly life blessing rules. Listening carefully to them, we begin to realize His plan for mankind on this planet and that it is unchanging. He is bringing us into the terminal of full restoration.

In the pages of this periodical, our purpose is to share, if only a little, some of this enlightment which has been given those who are truly seeking TRUTH. It does not necessarily mean that the Bible Light’s Board of Directors or I fully agree, or fully understand, every word written or spoken by our brothers and sisters. We are each one on a certain level of learning. We are learning to accept each other where we are on this learning curve. Because we may not see as another on one point, doesn’t mean we cannot learn anything from that person.

In other words: we are at a point in history where the walls are coming down. We are finally beginning to realize what the family of God is all about! So, we can say, “If your heart is as my heart [in searching to know Kingdom Truth], you’re my brother, so give me your hand.”

This issue of the Bible Light on the News is given to what I call “conference Jewels” – highlights of the teachings at our 3rd annual conference, “Judah, You are Not Alone.” Some of these solemn varieties fill one with anticipation of what lies ahead and we individually pray, “What am I to do Lord?”

The challenge is this: It’s time to call a halt and reevaluate our priorities. Everyone is in a mad rush to fulfill his own commitments. Let us ask ourselves if it is really important what we thought we HAD to do today? Are we willing to change accordingly? Pure and simply put: Are we doing His will or our own – or the will of someone who has no authority to control us?  -