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Introductory Comments About...

Judah You Are Not Alone Conference

Our “Judah You Are Not Alone” Conference in Iowa the week-end of November 9-11, 2001 was sponsored by the Lewerke family of the Mason City/Clear Lake area and Bible Light on the News. Chris Josephson had asked me to emcee.

Ben Cohen, Polly Grimes, Max Wein, Zev Kedem, DeWayne Coxon, Ivan Rogers and I were speakers. Ben is a sabra, born in Jerusalem, whose father was over Arab labor more than 35 years. The beauty of our study with Ben is that he knows the Hebrew, and he can read not only in the Tenach (what you call the Old Covenant) but he also knows the Brit Hadesha – the new covenant. It’s beautiful to be able to sit and study with someone like that. Max is a survivor of five of Hitler’s camps and his name is number two on Schindler’s List. Zev is also a holocaust survivor from Haifa, Israel and has been one of the major builders in the land. DeWayne Coxon is the director of a ministry, Blossoming Rose, presently doing archaeological excavations in Israel’s desert. Ivan Rogers is a well known minister in the Open Bible Church. You’ll be learning more about these in coming issues of this publication.

Some Conference Guidelines

The format that we have used before is simply this: as we gather together, Jews, Christians, and sometimes people who weren’t sure just what they were, we would talk about different topics. Let me just give you the guidelines that we had for Yeshivas. Whatever topic we were discussing you were free to speak on that topic from your point of view, your level of learning or understanding without fear of intimidation or rejection, or by somebody putting you down because you don’t agree with a certain point of view.

Our position was this: Here is the truth I am walking in today, but, if you can show me a greater truth, I will gladly exchange my weaker truth for the stronger truth. As you keep that in mind, you’re going to be very blessed as you learn from our speakers. Hopefully when we have future events, you will want to plan to be with us, either here or centered in Jerusalem.

Judah – Plus

It is time for the estimated 13 to 18 million Jews of Judah to know that Ephraim/Israel is waking up from the nations and is getting ready to come home to be reunited with his brother Judah (Ezekiel 37). When this happens it will totally change the balance of power in the Middle East. The secularism of Israel and America will also be changed. The law of man (democracy) will give way to the law of God (theocracy). The secularists will not like losing their power bases but their governments will be crushed by the little stone that becomes a mountain (in the Book of Daniel).

The pride and arrogance of man will crumble. Pharaoh and his military were the equivalent of the prowess of the West today, and God easily overthrew him and his army in the Red Sea.

One thing certain from now on is change. The secular governments of Jerusalem, Washington, DC, etc., will give way to the commandments, law and grace of God. The Kingdom of Heaven is rapidly coming to the earth. Men and governments will not be able to get away with their oppressions as they have in the past. Thank God!

Terrorists Story

I want to tell you something about the terrorists. Ben has a cousin in Israel who has three restaurants and after the Pizza restaurant was blown up, he nervously called Ben and said, “Ben, nobody’s eating; they’re afraid to go out and eat. Find me a place in Hollywood (Florida). I’m coming to Hollywood.” A month later the trade towers were blown up, the Pentagon was hit, the plane crashed in Pennsylvania. In Israel, Ben’s cousin read where three terrorists, Mohamed Atta and his associates, were eating and drinking across from Ben’s hotel on Hollywood circle and it shook him. He called Ben up and said, “Listen, Ben, forget it. You’ve got the terrorists all around you. We’re staying in Israel.”

At this writing Chris and her staff are taking the messages from the tapes and will be printing them from time to time in this publication. Do keep in touch and if you wish to have a conference – with many or few – in your area, write me at 545 N.E. 125th St., N. Miami, Fl 33061, or to Bible Light, PO Box 370, Ottawa, Ks. 66067.  -

Composer and singer Ramona and her husband Bob Dicks, of Walnut Shade, MO, furnished beautiful music for our conference, “Judah, You’re Not Alone.”