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“The Day of the Lord”

Ever since Sept. 11th, events have been going fast forward to The Day of the Lord. Rapid events prior to the setting up of God’s Kingdom on earth are the inevitable results of going the wrong way. That is the hated word: JUDGMENT! No one likes it, but it is upon us. We can no longer look the other way.

We learn from the Scriptures that Israel will suffer judgment, but it will not be as severe as that upon the nations that oppose her. God’s plan for man will come in spite of man’s machinations. If we want to be winners, we’d better be on HIS side.

Zechariah 5:1-5 gives an interesting image of a Scroll going forth. It is the Word of the Lord. (Depicted, also, on the front cover of this Bible Light on the News) Verse 2 of this passage gives the dimensions of the Temple sanctuary. The Torah Scroll was in the Ark of the Covenant in the Most Holy Place. (Evidence that the Temple Mount IS important.)  Verse 3& 4 give the results of the Scroll going forth. Transgression has been running rampant, but the Day of the Lord is His righteous judgment carrying out the results of breaking His Laws. (Remember, we don’t actually “break” His Laws; we break ourselves over them in transgression.)  Both of these verses say clearly that it will cut off the thieves and the liars.

For the Kingdom of God to come to earth, there must be God’s Kingdom Rules. God’s Kingdom Rules are the same as He gave in the Beginning – The Torah Laws of the Bible. We have heard, for too long in our churches, sermons of “I’m not under Law, I’m under grace.” The Bible does not give us license to declare that Law and Grace are opposing Truths.

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