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The Sanctity of Life

“Thou grantest me life and favor, and thy visitation has preserved my spirit” (Job 10:12).

This edition of Bible Light on the News shares with you some excerpts from messages by two Holocaust survivors, Max Wein and Zev Kedem, given at our conference last November in Clear Lake, Iowa,

Both men survived the Holocaust as a child. What we have recorded here does not do justice to their stories, but we trust that it is enough to give you a glimpse into their lives during that time. Both men were connected with Schindler’s List. You can find pages and pages of Zev Kedem’s story on the Internet by simply typing his name into a search.

Although most of us in our blessed country have never experienced such degradation and therefore cannot fully relate, we can make the resolution that never again shall Judah suffer such ignominious deeds at the hands of “Christians”. Many Christians are awakening to facts in history, which gives great insight in understanding our Jewish brethren.  The following is an example:

Excerpt from the book, Living Prophecies, a Crumbling Wall Between CHRISTIANS & JEWS, by Dr. DeWayne Coxon. (The book, which sells for $10, may be obtained by contacting Blossoming Rose, 360 Pine Springs, Mi 49319, Phone 1-800-696-7673).

When we look at our Christian roots scanning the years since the time of Christ, we look at them through Christian eyes. When viewed through Jewish eyes, however, they become a totally different color. There was no joy in Jewry when Constantine declared Christianity the state religion of Rome and the Queen Mother Helena began to build churches throughout Israel. There was mass death for the Jews when the Christian crusaders came to liberate the Holy City, preparing it for the time of Messiah.

“The Jews had continued for 1,000 long years after the birth of Christ looking for their Messiah, and then the Christians went to Jerusalem believing that they had lived through the time of the twentieth chapter of Revelation. The crusaders thought the 1,000 years of the spiritual reign of Christ had ended and that now was the time for judgment. Jerusalem needed to be in the hands of Christians in order for the Great White Throne Judgment to take place, so the Jews died in the war to liberate Jerusalem and to make it a Christian city.

“The world recently commemorated the 500th anniversary of the Spanish Inquisition. The golden culture of Jewry in Spain was lost when Queen Isabelle and King Ferdinand decreed in 1492 that all of Spain must be cleared of Jews, either move or convert to Christianity. Jews remember the horror of those times, and many still believe that all people who go to Christian churches every Sunday continue to proclaim the beliefs that caused so much suffering and death 500 years ago.

“Germany sowed its seeds of unrighteousness when Luther’s attempt to convert the Jews fell short and he wrote scathing, untrue statements about them. The results of Luther’s writings can be seen directly in the gas chambers built by Hitler. The church might attempt to absolve itself of the guilt of the six million exterminated Jews, but it was the institutional church of Germany, Europe, and the United States that permitted this destruction.

“While there were a few Christians who resisted and paid with their lives for the atrocities that were committed against the Jews in the 1940’s, still to this day when a Jew sees a person go into a church, there is often the memory of Germany, Spain, Jerusalem and death.

“This is church history as seen through Jewish eyes. There is no other history of the church that they understand except this, because this is the history that affected them. . .

“We do know that there is a part of the Christian church which loves Israel, wants to protect her, wishes to be a watchman to her, but we must remember that the larger Christian church, the greatest percentage of the Christian church, still views Israel with suspicion.” -