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Conference Report

Thank God our Judah/Ephraim conference in Jerusalem was a success in spite of the intifida and all the violence that it has generated. Over 50 people from the US came with Polly Grimes and her Tours Through the Book travel agency.

Two of the speakers which blessed me were Yair Davidi and Rabbi Abraham Feld. Both are orthodox Jews and are very much involved in researching and tracking the ten lost tribes. If you are interested in learning more about their work please contact them at the following addresses: Yair Davidi: or phone 011-972-2-566-4693 Ė Rabbi Feld:

Two more speakers you may wish to contact are Dr. John Hulley and Ephraim Frank.

John Hulley, a graduate of Harvard, is the author of Comets Jews and Christians and his papers have had wide exposure in prestigious publications. He now lives in Jerusalem with his wife Jill and their young daughter. Jill has written the Bible study Ephraim Who? (Both books are available through Bible Light.) Contact the Hulleys at:

Ephraim and Ramona Frank are a Judah/Ephraim team. His anointed message was on the rights of the first-born. They can be reached at:

John Hulley and John Stembridge

Chris spoke on the worldwide vision of Godís Redemption plan, not only beginning with the Abrahamic Covenant, but even further back. Deuteronomy 32:8 shows His plan was universal from the beginning.

My speech was on Activism, regarding the regathering of all the tribes and the reuniting of the two houses of Judah and Ephraim. What good is it for us to receive all the information of Judahís and Ephraimís regathering and reuniting if we do nothing about it?

One of the highlights of Jerusalem this time was a visit to the City of David where King David built his palace over the spring of Gihon. Also Solomon was anointed King over the same spring. It is also believed that Abraham and Isaac drank from this spring on the way to Mount Moriah.

According to Yehudit Tayar, our guide, the bottom line is that there is a BATTLE FOR JERUSALEM under way at present. Two opposing forces are confronting each other not only over Jerusalem but over all of the Holy Land. Those two forces are Zionism: the desire of the Jews to return to their God and to the Home that He gave them as an inheritance forever and the other force is fanatic Islam that does not want Israel or the Jewish people in their neighborhood.

Neither Jews nor Christians are allowed to pray on the Temple Mount or go safely to pray in Hebron, Bethlehem or any of their other Holy Places. Yet in America Moslems are free to worship, to build Mosques, schools, businesses. When will Moslems grant non-Moslems the same rights in their countries?

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and the equal rights for all to worship on the Temple Mount. -

Yehudit Tayar and Chris Josephson at one point in the tour of the ancient city of David, also known as Ophel. Recent excavations have revealed more information on how water was obtained from the Gihon Springs in time of siege.

In this area, Jews have purchased houses and live along side Arabs. One house has an Arab family and a Jewish family in the same dwelling.

Our readers may remember Yehudit Tayar helped much in the location for the almond orchard in memory of Elmer Josephson. (Look for Chrisí report on the Almond Orchard and her recent 5-weeks in Israel.)