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When we “Pray for the peace of JerUSAlem” we are in; the middle of it to give feet to that prayer.

From the heart of our nation we identify with Jerusalem, pray for her peace and seek to be of practical help. Our nation sometimes blesses .Israel and sometimes curses her!  (Gen. 12:3) We have reaped many blessings but also some cursings. What now?

We have the best chance ever with a Bible believer in the White House to reverse the curse clause of Genesis 12:3. We are grateful for the strong stand many of our congressmen are taking.

Jerusalem e-mail

E-mails from Jerusalem come showing steps that steps to the “Peace Process” – didn’t go there!

Yair Davidi comments: Jimmy Carter just came out with a poisonous letter against Israel and Prime Minister Sharon. Billy Clinton is partly responsible for getting us into the present mess.

President Bush appears to personally be on the Israeli side but it is difficult to say, perhaps that is why he is President.

Elements in the American administration are now maneuvering to impose a settlement on Israel that will include a foreign military force on Israeli soil and friends of Israel are wavering. The Establishment-controlled media inside Israel is tentatively attempting to prepare the Israeli public to accept an imposed settlement.

Prime Minister Sharon will do his best to snatch victory out of defeat but he will not take suicidal steps. So far in my opinion Sharon ha done better than anybody else would have done under the circumstances.

Yossi Beilin is now more or less the leading Opposition figure in Israel. Beilin receives a monthly salary plus very, very generous expenses and contributions from the European Union. He consults frequently with Yoska Fisher, the Foreign Minister of Germany. -