Will the Temple Wall Come Down?

A new immigrant from the U.S., Ezra HaLevy, asked a simple question of a police guard at the entrance to the Temple Mount, “Can I pray on the Temple Mount today?” He was interrogated for five hours at a nearby police station and warned not to ask questions like that again.

Levy said he was treated politely by the police and they even indicated an understanding of how he felt when he made his departing statement, which was: “I just think its incredibly absurd that there is a nation (Islam) of a billion people who are trying to wipe us off the face of the Earth, Imams who preach our destructions from atop our Holy Mountain every Friday… and I, a new immigrant who came willingly from the U.S., am sitting in a police station being interrogated because I inquired as to the status quo of the holiest site of my religion….”

There are things happening this very day to the actual walls on the Temple Mount that are indicative of spiritual and mental walls, between God and mankind, that must come down before true peace can reign. There can be no peace when evil is in control.

Bulge visible in the Southeast corner of the Temple Mount

The trouble spot is the Southeast corner of the Temple Mount.

Damaged Walls

There is a 35-foot-wide bulge in the retaining wall of the Temple Mount. This is located in the southern portion of the wall and toward the eastern edge. This wall is outside the area called “Solomon’s Stables”. The bulge is of serious structural concern. While Israeli experts claim the bulge is increasing in size, Islamic authorities who are in charge of the Temple Mount (Wakf) say it has not increased in size and there is no danger. They accuse Israel of using this as an excuse to supervise the Temple Mount.

(Incidentally, this reminds me of the time years ago: a young lady was teaching me some tricks on the steel guitar. She said, “When you make a mistake, turn and glare at the pianist.” The same tactic is used here – but of course in a much more serious environment and with much greater crescendos and repercussions!)

Several academic organizations and individual experts in Israel have stated that the cause for this serious movement in the supporting structure of the Temple Mount is due to the extensive changes that have been made by the Moslems in building a mosque in the area under the Temple platform known as Solomon’s Stables.

In our early trips to Israel, several times we were allowed to visit this area called, “Solomon’s Stables”, and indeed there were what appeared to be holes for hitching horses in the pillars. The debris on the floor nearly reached these holes and blocked an ancient gate archway in the wall leaving only the top visible.

Another Bulge: Circle marks new bulge. Al Aksa Mosque can be seen above. This is just to the right of the Western Wall area where tens of thousands of people pray.

The rubble, without doubt, concealed a lot of Israel’s history – if only archaeologists were allowed to uncover it. This history is no longer there: destroyed by the heavy machines excavating to build a mosque. (Evidently, the Star of David we viewed in the pavement just outside the Mosque of Omer has also been destroyed – See Bible Light on the News Vol. 8, No. 4.)

To the surprise of many Israelis, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), has offered to send a team of experts to examine the areas for serious structural damage.

Dr. Eilat Mazar of the Hebrew University predicts that the southern wall will fall “within a matter of months, and possibly even weeks. I have trouble believing that it [the southern wall at its eastern corner] will last the entire winter.”

Foreign Minister Shimon Peres made an attempt to bring both Egypt and Jordan to seek a solution to the problem. Egypt showed no interest while Jordan did send a group to look at the problem and agreed that the southern wall of the Temple Mount is not safe. Apparently, the only opinion that counts is that of the Wakf and they are under the control of the Palestinian Authority which means Chairman Arafat. Dr. Mazar said that the Wafk has placed some scaffolding there to try and hold up the wall, but it amounts to a joke. In her opinion, no scaffolding would be strong enough. “The wall has to come down and [be] rebuilt,” stated Dr. Mazar.

A guide to such problems was given long ago. God called Jeremiah the prophet and told him it was necessary to “pull down … [then you can] build.” The same goes for producing life-giving crops: first fallow ground has to be broken and prepared. It bears repeating: There can be no peace when evil is in control.

More Than One Bulge

The bulge presently protrudes 70 centimeters (almost 30 inches) and stretches more than 35 feet horizontally. The bulge is visible at a distance to the naked eye.

It would still be a tragedy of monumental proportions if it were only the Southern wall that would be affected by a partial or total collapse. However, the physical impact on the holy site could stretch far beyond the Southern Wall itself. Experts say it could collapse at any time and cause a type of domino effect on other parts of the wall and Temple Mount. The Al Aksa Mosque is only 300 feet from the bulge.

Concern has been expressed lately for the safety of Jewish worshippers at the Western Wall. If a chain reaction took place with the Southern wall collapsing, it would bring huge blocks of stone down on those praying at the Wall. This would be far worse than the throwing down of rocks and large stones from the Temple Mount by Moslem rioters on numerous occasions.

The possibility of the Western Wall being affected was made real when scientists discovered a new bulge located just to the South of the Western Wall. This bulge area is visibly damp and observers say it looks the same as the Southern wall did two years ago. The protrusion in this case may be caused by poor drainage.

Dr. Mazar says, “There are serious cracks in the Southern wall not connected to the bulge, as well as cracks elsewhere. The ancient site has not been taken care of as it should be. It is not in good shape.”

There are Israelis who believe that all the above problems could have been avoided had certain decision made regarding the Temple Mount been different following the Six-Day War in June of 1967. Israel captured the Temple Mount and General Moshe Dayan summoned the spiritual leader of the Moslems at that time from Jericho, where he had fled before Israel took control of the Temple Mount.

Years later it was learned that the Moslem cleric came trembling to Jerusalem expecting to be told to pack his belongings and with his associates leave immediately. Instead General Dayan told him to move back in and they were free to carry out their worship as before, but Israel would monitor all activity and have the final authority on usage of the area. The “monitoring” has failed.

Stones Are Crying

Is not “The stone crying out of the wall” today? (Hab. 2:11).

“Because ― and again because ― they led My people astray, saying, ‘Peace,’ but there is no peace; it is building a partition, and they are even smearing it with plaster.  [weak plaster instead of strong building material]

“Say to those who smear with plaster: ‘It will collapse! There will be pouring rain.’ And as for you, O huge hailstones, you will fall and a stormy wind shall break forth.

“Then behold, the wall will fall! Surely it will be said to you, ‘Where is the daub that you smeared?’

“Therefore, thus said the Lord HASHEM/ELOHIM; I will cause a stormy wind to break out in My wrath, and cause annihilation;

“And I will break down the wall that you smeared with plaster and bring it down to the ground, and its foundation will be bared; it will fall and you will be annihilated within. Then you will know that I am HASHEM.

“Thus will I spend My wrath upon the wall and upon those who smear it with plaster, and I will say to you. ‘The wall is no more, nor those that smeared it’,” (Ezekiel 13:10-16 Stone’s translation directly from the Hebrew). God is speaking loudly and not just about material walls.

Beginning Where?

Where does one begin this business of tearing down walls and rebuilding with love blocks? We need to begin in the place where we are. Elmer Josephson gave us a motto for our work place: “Keep the walls down [between each other] and the roof off” [between us and the Lord].

We are in “boot camp” now for the Kingdom of God. Walls of hate cannot stand in that Kingdom. We must begin now to pull down the personal walls that gender hatred, and replace them with the Golden Rule: “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. It is often the theme of our friend, Zev Kedem’s lectures. As a child, he survived the Holocaust, which he terms, “The Culture of Death”. He emphasizes this can only be overcome by The Culture of LIFE”, motivated by caring love for one another. Then it will be no longer necessary to erect ugly walls of separation for protection.

In preparing this article, the thought persists: will the fall and destruction of the Temple Mount walls set the stage for the crumbling of the more devastating walls that separate God’s top creation from walking with Him? Such as fanatic Islam – and the god of materialism and comfort keeping Israel in bondage in the West? Will it trigger the great and sudden act of God, spoken by the prophets, after which all shall know that the God of Israel lives and loves His creation? (Isaiah 29:5-8, 47:11, Ezekiel 30 - 33, Malachi 3:1, I Thessalonians 5:3)

What is held onto for selfish purposes, brings destruction upon one’s self. The revelation of truth brings down walls of prejudice, hatred, misunderstanding and selfish greed. Truth exposes. There is nothing hidden behind walls now that won’t be brought out in the open for all to see.

Part of the prophecy of Jacob on Joseph was that he would “run over the wall”, – illustrating that the Gospel of the Kingdom is for all peoples. It’s a mere play on words, but since I am a ­“­Joseph-son” I have responsibility to promote, in my limited way, that Gospel of true Peace wherever I am and whenever I can. At this time of the year when the birth of the Prince of Peace is celebrated, what are we really doing?

(We are indebted to George Ekeroth, editor of the AMI newsletter for much of the  above news items.) -