YOU Are Not Alone!

By Vicky Stark

A number of attendees at our recent “Judah, You Are Not Alone” conference in Clear Lake, Iowa, came by our book table and told me how “alone” they feel back home among their communities.  Several expressed interest in coming to our Bible Light facility in Ottawa, Ks. to receive more information, training, and to participate in thought-provoking midrash sessions (Bible studies).

After giving it a great deal of thought and prayer, Bible Light’s Board of Directors decided to respond to this need and will begin an active outreach to our Bible Light mishpachah (family) scattered throughout the USA and abroad.

In this outreach we would like to establish an Outpost in Israel and a grassroots network, here in the USA, that would better assist in disseminating studies and information in a more timely and interactive way.  We sense we are in the Lord’s timing to initiate a network that would include:

  • Community Hosts who, in their own homes, would host regular Shabbat Bible studies in their community and would recruit other community leaders and volunteers.

  • Midrash Teachers who would lead and facilitate regular Shabbat Bible studies.  These teachers would be assisted through educational workshops led by Bible Light. 

  • Community Volunteers who would attend regular Shabbat Bible studies and would pass information and Bible studies on to their family and friends.  It is hoped they would serve as a volunteer base for projects in their own community and in Israel.

Bible Light continues to be dedicated to fostering a better understanding between Christians and Jews. At a recent staff meeting Ed Christensen shared with us the following verses from the Jewish Publication Society’s Hebrew-English Tanakh (Bible): 

“He keeps turning events by His stratagems, that they might accomplish all that He commands them throughout the inhabited earth, Causing each of them to happen to His land, whether as a scourge or as a blessing.” (Job 37: 12-13)

We are hopeful that you will find a way to become involved with us as we seek to be used by God in accomplishing His purpose for His people and His land, Israel; and in “getting the Word out” to other truth-seekers or to those who are just beginning their search.  In that hope, we are enclosing a separate Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet in this edition of Bible Light On the News for your response.

Chris has asked John Stembridge, whom most of you know through his writings in our Bible Light on the News publication and through speaking at our conferences, to direct this outreach and me, as a Bible Light staff member, to assist him in coordination.  If you have any questions, please call me or Chris at 785-242-4150

We do not want you to feel alone. We need your input and suggestions for this Outreach Network.  We are here to come along side and help you, pray with you, and help equip you to be, as Peter said, “ready to give an account for the hope that is within you.” (I Peter 3:15) -