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“They helped everyone his neighbor, and said to his brother, Be of good courage” (Isaiah 41:6).

This is happening here at BLI headquarters. A couple who’d been on our mailing list for a few years, dropped by to see us this Fall. They’d been seeking the Lord’s will for their immediate future.

They have skills we need here at Bible Light, and they came as we were needing help for the conference. I asked them to stay on for at least the winter. They are a tremendous blessing to our Bible Light family. They almost instantly found jobs to supplement their income and hopefully they can stay on with us.

Ed and Coral Christiansen have just returned from a stint in the Arava in Israel, serving as cooks for Dewayne Coxon’s group with Blossoming Rose’s “Tamar Biblical Park” project. It is expected that Ed Christiansen will be writing about this soon.

While they were gone, we had our “Judah, You Are Not Alone” conference in northern Iowa. Our speakers were varied, interesting and very informative. Ruth (Lewerke) Newman and her helpers, plus the Starks filled in the gaps very professionally, making the conference food, decorations and service successful, as well.

Best of all was the loving atmosphere of fellowship, and the congenial “give and take” of the Jews and Christians present. Psalm 133:1 depicts the reigning spirit of the conference.

One feature emerging from the conference was the need for an outreach program (more fully described in the article by Vicky Stark).

At the Bible Light Board meeting following the conference, John Stembridge was asked (and he accepted) the directorship of the outreach thrust. See his timely article. He also has articles published by Jewish Xpress. Their internet address is Bring up his Chunakah address by clicking on the Menorah on their home page.

We have said little about the inner workings of the BLI staff in past issues, but we expect to be giving more information, as we are able to increase this publication’s size and frequency. Let us hear from you – Please! Your comments and input are very important and appreciated. -